Death at the stake, the grandmother of the victims: “They are helped immediately by a Roma family”

“A bunch of love, a team, each little brother had a task, they no longer had a social life, they had created themselves in that house in their own world built around Saverio”.

Generic October 2022Saverio’s grandmother, Mattia and Aldo

And the grandmother of Saverio, Mattia and Aldo to tell the intimacy of a family that the city has noticed this week. But her grandmother says more that “it was a little Roma who phoned the brigade, it was the father of this little Roma who arrived before the brigade trying to break down the door, and it was a Roma woman who helped my daughter-in-law”.

He says that his son Vitaliano was a good person, apparently a good person who fought not only for his son but for all the disabled. She says she, she speaks moved by pain while seeming lucid, at times she also accuses the delay, according to her, of the police. She promises that she will fight alongside Vitaliano and asks her grandchildren, who have become angels, to watch over the rest of the family. It is the white balloons and the final applause that accompany three young lives of this city on their last journey.

A journey of peace for them, a torment for those who remain and still have to appease the hell of too many unanswered questions.

Saverio, Aldo and Mattia victims of a fire in a neighborhood where sociality is increasingly rarefied

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