Death of Aurora Caruso, the 21-year-old driving an Opel under investigation for road murder

ANCONA – The 21-year-old driving the Opel Astra who last night was involved in the accident that took place along state road 16, in Osimo, where he lost his life, is under investigation for road murder Aurora Caruso, 22 years old, from Collemarino. The young man, MB, had had another bad accident in February a year ago in Polverigi, and his driving license had been suspended for eight months. Then it was given back to him. At the time he was a novice driver. The two vehicles of yesterday’s crash were seized, in addition to the Opel also the Alfa 147 driven by Aurora. The prosecutor on duty, Serena Bizzari, did not order an autopsy on the body of the young woman who was returned to her family this afternoon.

The funeral home is already open at the Biondi funeral home in San Biagio di Osimo. The funeral was set for Friday, at 10.30, at the church of San Pio X in Collemarino. The 22-year-old leaves her mother Agnese Bendelari, her father Gioacchino and her brother Andrea. Aurora yesterday finished her shift at “Risparmio Casa”, the giant of home hygiene products located inside the Cargopier shopping park. Colleagues and co-workers were shocked this morning. “We are all still very shaken,” they managed to say. The 22-year-old had worked the evening shift and was due at home for dinner. The Carabinieri of Osimo, who carried out the surveys, will listen to the witnesses and also the 21-year-old to reconstruct the dynamics of the accident. The mall cameras were also asked to see if they caught anything. From what emerged so far, the young woman’s Alfa was entering the state road from via Sbrozzola where the Opel arrived, heading south. The crash was violent. The speed with which the vehicles proceeded will also have to be ascertained, in a road section where there is a limit of 70 kilometers per hour.

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