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There comes a significant turning point in the dramatic story that led to the tragic end of seventeen-year-old Manuel Calise, who lost his life in a road accident that occurred on the coast road between Casamicciola and Lacco Ameno. The investigating judge will in fact have to decide whether to accept the request of the public prosecutor Silvio Pavia who has asked for the indictment and consequently the trial against the 23-year-old Simone Conte, the young man who was driving the Fiat Panda who collided with the vehicle two wheels of the victim, an impact that caused the death of the centaur. As usual, the communication was addressed to the defendant (defended by the lawyer Antonio De Girolamo) but also to the offended parties Fabrizio Calise, Grazia Bianco and Christian Calise represented by the lawyer Mariangela Calise. The appointment is set for December 14 at 9.30 for the preliminary hearing which will take place in the presence of the judge for the preliminary investigation, Dr. Federica De Bellis.

The lawyer Antonio De Girolamo

The fatal accident that claimed the life of Manuel Calise occurred in December of last year, exactly at one in the morning on December 2nd. A first dynamic established that the seventeen-year-old was driving his scooter and on the coast towards the heliport he was proceeding in the direction of Forio when he collided with the car driven by the Count which came from the other lane. The scooter was completely destroyed, the violence of the collision was also witnessed by the fact that the vehicle lost a tire and then overturned on its side. The unfortunate boy’s body was thrown over the cliff and the recovery was extremely complex as well as painful. Death occurred instantly, then the autopsy examination was ordered. The tragedy also shook the consciences of the youth and student world who also organized a demonstration and a procession to raise public awareness of road safety. Near the place where Manuel lost his life, the first speed camera on the island was also installed, which officially came into operation last August.

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