Death Stranding, Hideo Kojima Visits CD Projekt Red in Poland, the Cyberpunk 2077 Studio


Turning to promote Death Stranding, Hideo Kojima visited CD Projekt Red in Poland, where he met with part of the Cyberpunk 2077 development team.

Hideo Kojima, whose latest work Death Stranding is about to appear, visited CD Projekt Red’s studios in Poland, where he met Adam Badowski and part of the team that is developing Cyberpunk 2077.

The amorous liason between CD Projekt Red and Kojima started at the Tokyo Game Show 2019, where Kojima visited the Cyberpunk 2077 booth and was photographed with stand-in and representatives from the Polish studio. The new visit, so close, has been read by some as the possibility of some bargaining underway for the new game of Kojima Productions, the post Death Stranding game.

To tell the truth, it must be said that Kojima went to Poland to promote Death Stranding along with Sony’s local division. After all, ours seems to be engaged in a real tour in Eastern Europe since in recent days it has been in Russia. This is to say that his visit to CD Projekt Red may have been really just courtesy.

Obviously the prospect of a collaboration between Kojima Productions and CD Projekt Red intrigues us a lot. Who knows what might come out of it.

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