Deaths in fire in Catanzaro, 30 thousand euros found in cash in the apartment

Approximately 30 thousand euros in cash were found in the apartment in the Pistoia district of Catanzaro destroyed by a fire in the night between 21 and 22 October which caused 3 victims. An exact quantification, however, is difficult as the fire it would burn some of the money. It is not clear, among other things, where the banknotes were kept, so much so that they were largely spared from the stake that enveloped the house on the fifth floor of a Aterp building of social housing. The news was leaked from sources close to the investigations that aim to ascertain the causes of the flames in which three children of the family who lived in the apartment died.

What is the relevance of the find will have to be established by the prosecutor of the Public Prosecutor of Catanzaro Francesco Bordonali who coordinates the investigations, conducted by carabinieriin which at present the crimes of homocide And negligent fire. In recent days, one of the family’s lawyers has also turned to the prosecutor, who has solicited a series of investigations further, such as the use of the luminol for the search for organic traces and the search for all keys of the apartment, both that of the entrance door – found locked – and of the interior doors, some of which would have been closed. The intent, the lawyer had explained, is to beat all the tracks and leave no stone unturned. The lawyer also asked for an analysis of the telephone records to understand what movements were made before the fire, if help was asked and to whom.

Meanwhile, a first data emerged from the autopsy on the bodies of the three brothers Corasonites, Saverio, 22, suffering from autism, Aldo (15) and Mattia (12 years). Their bodies were intact and therefore death should have been caused by asphyxiation. A certain response on the causes of death may come from the result of the analyses carried out during the autopsy exam. Meanwhile, the father of the victims remain in the hospital, still in serious condition, Vitaliano Corasonitiaged 42, another son, the fourteen year old Antonello, remained intoxicated, hospitalized in the intensive care unit of the Catanzaro hospital. The mother Rita Mazzeibrought to the center for burns in Bari, and a sister, Zaira Marawhich is located in the pediatric resuscitation department of the Santobono hospital in Naples.

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