delayed the release of the film with Mark Wahlberg

Infinite -

Infinite will arrive in theaters in 2021, and will also see He Ejiofor in the cast

As to be expected, even Infinite has had to deal with the emergency Coronavirus who in these weeks are dramatically changing the calendar of international film. The film with Mark Wahlberg it would, indeed, due to arrive in theaters in u.s. on August 7, 2020 but has been postponed to 28 may 2021. A necessary choice on the part of the Paramount that to give to the director Antoine Fuqua to spend more time in the editing room, and will include the release of the film in a very crowded and important, that is, during the weekend of the Memorial Day scheduled for may 31. In those days, for instance, will also be released Cruellathe live-action that will see Emma Stone in the role (and in the fur) to Cruella De vil.

Wahl Street: Mark Wahlberg is the protagonist of a docu-series about his life

Through Infinite, we will learn the story of a troubled man (Mark Wahlberg) who suffers from schizophrenia, but that he will discover that her hallucinations are actually visions of past lives. Enter in contact with a secret society whose members have supernatural abilities accumulated in the course of various lives.

In place of Mark Wahlberg, in the role of the protagonist, there would have to be Chris Evans, who however renounced the film for a conflict of commitments. Along with Wahlberg, will be in the cast also He Ejiofor, Dylan O’brien and Sophie Cookson.


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