Demi Lovato comes to Brazil for the 5th time and debut was opening for Jonas Brothers; remember tours | Rock in Rio 2022

Demi Lovato is the attraction of one of the most pop days of the festival, the day of Justin Bieber, but maybe she should be in a more rocker line-up than the 4th of September of the festival.

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She returns to Brazil with the tour of album “Holy Fvck”, with emo footprint. According to her, it’s a return to her early-career pop rock roots.

Remember Demi Lovato’s other visits to Brazil:

Demi Lovato sings in São Paulo in 2009 — Photo: Daigo Oliva/G1

In 2009, Lovato was doing a kind of Disney rock. The debut in Brazil was at the opening of the Jonas Brothers tour, having “This Is Me” as a great success. The motivational song is part of the soundtrack of the movie “Camp Rock”, in which the Jonases are also protagonists. In São Paulo, Demi shook her hair and wore an AC/DC shirt.

Demi Lovato sings in São Paulo in 2010 — Photo: Daigo Oliva/G1

The second visit to Brazil for shows, in 2010, was the first with its own tour. Then aged 17, she sang “Remember December”, “La La Land” and “Do n’t Forget”. on tour, called fans to the stage for emotional duets on “This is me”, song about self-acceptance. In fuller versions, the distortion reached levels unlikely for events aimed at children and pre-teens.

Demi Lovato sings in Rio in 2012 — Photo: Ideraldo Gomes/G1

On the tour that went through Brazil in 2012, he changed his sound and partners. It was produced by Timbaland, had a runway hit (“Give your heart a break”); reminded Jennifer Lopez (“Who’s that boy”); and it was almost Ke$ha on the title track. In addition to the dancing part, she sang tearful ballads like “Skyscraper” and “Fix a heart”.

Demi Lovato sings in São Paulo in 2014 — Photo: Adriana Spaca/Brazil Photo Press/Estadão Content

During the “Neon Lights Tour”, Demi sang in São Paulo for 7500 fans. “Let it go” (from the soundtrack of the movie “Frozen”) was the most sung in one night. In the middle of the show, she approached the front row fans and grabbed a poster with the hashtag “staystrongmilena”. She heard from some fans that Milena is a fan who was hospitalized. Demi asked everyone to pray for her. The night also had songs like “Remember December” and “Warrior”. “Each of you is beautiful and deserves to be loved,” she said.

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