Demi Rose With Jogger Models in the Bathroom Like Never Before

Demi Rose shared a photo through social networks where she appears modeling in a bathroom like never before

The British model, Demi Rose, showed herself as we have rarely seen her show off her charms: with a casual jogger and a cute bra, remaining one of the favorite celebrities in the world of modeling for internet users, whom she dazzles with her lovely posts. 

The name of the popular 25-year-old girl resonates today due to her great beauty, in addition, of course, to the charming figure that makes her an exceptional mix for her viewers for her tender face despite her young age.

Something that has caught the attention of her loyal followers is that the beautiful girl tends to delete her photos and videos from social networks, after reaching an amount. Some netizens suggest that this is because you do not want to saturate your fans with a lot of content that gradually makes them lose interest.

Currently, Demi Rose Mawby, the full name of the influencer, remains in trend on the internet due to the content she shares through social networks, with which she manages to captivate her millions of followers who immediately overwhelm her with comments of affection and admiration. 

It was almost a day ago that the beautiful woman published an image from Ibiza, Spain, through her Instagram account where we see her pose as almost never in a bathroom. In this photo we see her wearing a casual but cute outfit that did not disappoint her little more than 15.5 million followers. 

It obtained a total of 389,265 likes and 2,538 comments, including the following: “Beautiful”, “Very nice and beautiful woman”, “This is so awesome honey”, I posted in a top like that too “,” Cute “, “Nice”, “Looking amazing”, “I fell in love beautiful”, among many others. 

It is worth mentioning that the English model, Demi Rose, also shared just a few days ago some beautiful photographs where we see her modeling on the beaches of Ibiza, to welcome the new year 2021. “As pure as the ocean,” wrote the beautiful young woman, while walking on the beach. 

Around 200 thousand people reacted to the image of Demi, who wore an elegant gray silk dress, which slid with the passage of the wind that broke with her spectacular figure. Not for nothing, 15 million users continue to faithfully follow the beautiful woman.

Post made by Demi Rose on Instagram Photo: Screenshot


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