Dengue fever, danger in Italy: stop consuming fruit and vegetables

Alarm for cases of dengue fever detected in three Italian cities, where the disinfestation of the areas where the positives live has been ordered.

special ordinances have been issued by the first citizens of the cities in which the positivity to the virus was found, which is transmitted by infected mosquitoes. The details of the affair.


The new Dengue fever virus: let’s be careful

One of the cases of dengue fever detected in Italy is that of the historic center of Lucca. The patient would have contracted the virus while traveling to a tropical country.

The mayor Mario Pardini has issued a special order for the disinfestation of the historic center of the townwithin a radius of 100 meters from the Cathedral, through insecticides that affect both adult insects and larvae.

The operations took place both on public land and in private properties, with door-to-door inspections, to delete any domestic larval foci.

Lucca is the second case in Tuscany within a few days after those of San Giuliano Terme, in the province of Pisa. The patient who was a guest in a house in the hamlet of Pontasserchiohe would contract the virus abroad.

Again the mayor Sergio Di Maio signed an emergency order for disinfestation and prevention interventions in the Municipality.

The latest case of dengue fever detected in Italy is that of Santarcangelo, in the province of Rimini. The virus was detected in a person from the South America. Mayor Alice Parma has ordered, as per regional and national directives, disinfestation within a radius of 100 meters.

Because you don’t have to consume fruit and vegetables for 14 days, which is important

mosquito fever

None of the cases of dengue fever detected so far in Italy would have given rise to cases secondary. Also thanks to quick intervention by the competent authorities.

The population of the areas subjected to disinfestation is invited to keep doors and windows closed during the anti-larva treatment and not to use air exchange systems. It is also good to keep them indoors animals domestic ecopen kennels and bowls with plastic sheets.

The most important notice, however, is the one concerning the fruit and the vegetables spray with insecticides, which peel it must not be consumed for the next ones two weeks. Vegetables must be washed abundantly And peeled before use, proceeding with the use of washable or disposable gloves. It is important to follow these guidelines to avoid contracting the dangerous virusgiven the precedents of the last two years. Be cautious.

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