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Denis Villeneuvedirector of Dune (2021), pointed to a role for Lea Seydoux following the adaptation. Planned for 2023, second film in the franchise will have new characters, including lady margot.

As pointed out by deadline (via E-Popcorn), actress of 007is in negotiations to take over the post. She would join the heavyweight cast of the feature film: Timothée Chalamet, Rebecca Ferguson, Zendaya and Josh Brolinwho must reprise the roles, in addition to Florence Pugh, Christopher Walken and Austin Butler.

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in the book of Frank Herbert, lady margot is a servant of the Sisterhood – a group that should receive more prominence, including a series on HBO Maxalso with Villeneuve in production.

The film did well at the box office on its opening weekend – even with a release announced on streaming for a short time later. The good reception from the public pleased executives from Warnerwhich soon released production of the sequel imagined by the director.

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Dune to have spin-off on HBO Max with director of Chernobyl

Dune(2021) will get a spin-off on HBO Max. franchise run by Denis Villeneuve in theaters will have other people in charge, including Johan Renck. the director of Chernobyl(2019) will take over in the first two episodes.

The production is called Dune: The Sisterhoodand will show events prior to the film that opened last year. Villeneuvedespite not directing, is an executive producer with rent and Diane Ademu-Johnscreenwriter and showrunner.

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Beginning 10,000 years before the rise of Paul Atreides, Dune: The Sisterhoodwill accompany the sisters Harkonnen and the construction of the Bene Gesserit religious organization, according to the Screen Rant.

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