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An incredible story to say the least that confirms the impudence of a person who really thought he could stay banned even though he also repeatedly carried out an illegal conduct. In the end, however, the “game” was discovered and so the time has come for an islander to “pay the bill”. It all began in early November when a 27-year-old from Forio was stopped during a traffic check by the Carabinieri of the Ischia mobile radio rate, led by captain Tiziano Laganà and coordinated by lieutenant Sergio De Luca. The man was driving a car that was seized on April 1st because he was uninsured and, despite having been withdrawn from him at the time, he showed the military a duplicate registration certificate from the DMV.

The carabinieri obviously immediately became suspicious and after contesting the first violations, seized the car and also withdrew that vehicle registration document, they investigated further. They discovered that a few months after the April check, the man had filed a complaint in which he falsely stated that he had lost the movement document (without mentioning the withdrawal, ed). He had then done the same thing in November too, the day after the second retreat. In short, a “serial” truly worthy of the worst chutzpah. In the second case, of course, he had reported the loss to another barracks. The man was reported for ideological falsehood, his license was revoked and his vehicle was confiscated. And this, at least hopefully, should put an end to his “feats”

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