Depp-Heard, the jury will meet again next Tuesday

The trial between Johnny Depp-Amber Heard is in the final stages with the lawyers of the respective parties who have given their closing arguments. The sentence will come next week

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The jury of the trial that opposes Johnny Depp to his ex-wife Amber Heard remained yesterday for a couple of hours in the council chamber before updating the proceedings to next Tuesday, after the long Memorial Day bridge. This was the decision taken. by Judge Penney Azcarate who dismissed the jury for the weekend, The final stages of the legal war between the former spouses Johnny Depp and Amber Heard took place yesterday with the closing speeches of their respective lawyers. Not a saint, but not a violent one either. So Ben Chew, Johnny Depp’s lawyer, in the closing speech of the trial described his client with whom the Hollywood star has sued his ex-wife Amber Heard for defamation asking her for 50 million dollars for the damages suffered by his career. following the publication of an editorial in the Washington Post in which Heard herself defined herself as a “public figure representing women victims of violence”.

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For the avoidance of doubt, Chew explained that Depp believes in the #MeToo movement when he advocates “the real survivors of abuse”, but Amber is “not a real victim” and Johnny “is not an abuser.” The proof of this, according to Chew, is that “no woman, before Amber Heard, has ever claimed that Depp has raised a finger at her in the 58 years of her life.” And he added that, despite having suffered as a child at the hands of her mother, the actor helped and assisted her until she died.



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As for the stone of contention, the aforementioned article of the Washington Post signed by Amber Heard, for Chew there is no doubt that it refers to Depp although his name is never explicitly mentioned. During the trial, a head of Aclu, the civil rights association that had assisted Heard in drafting the article, “testified that Depp’s name was there and that it was removed in extremis before publication”, said the lawyer. Chew closed the final argument by stating that Johnny does not want money, nor does he want to punish his ex-wife, but he wants “to be released from the prison where he has lived for the past six years”.



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Camila Vasquez, the actor’s other lawyer, added that Depp’s “good name” and his own “life” are at stake in the jury’s verdict: “There is one person who has committed abuses in this courtroom – he pursued the lawyer – but it’s not Depp. And there is a victim of domestic violence, but it’s not Heard, “the lawyer said, noting that today is six years since, on May 27, 2016, Amber” falsely accused “Johnny asking in court in 2016 for an order preventing him from approaching her.



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The response of Amber Heard’s lawyers was harsh: “If you agree with Johnny Depp, you become accomplices in his violence,” said Ben Rottenborn addressing the popular jury that just today, May 27, met in Fairfax, Virginia, to make the decision on the final sentence. According to Rottenborn, Depp’s claims that he is not a violent “send a message to all victims of domestic violence around the world.”



Johnny Depp: “From Amber Heard the performance of life at the trial”

On the article published in the Washington Post, Rottenborn added that Amber Heard had the First Amendment right to publicly discuss her life. The words in the editorial in which he claimed to be “a public person victim of domestic violence” were true and the Constitution protects Amber’s right to use them, added the lawyer, again appealing to the jurors: “You cannot protect the First. Amendment and find it in Johnny Depp’s favor. ” The lawyer then argued that if Johnny used violence against Amber “even once”, the actress won: “And we’re not just talking about physical abuse, but also emotional, psychological, financial and sexual violence”.



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In order for Johnny Depp to win the lawsuit against ex-wife Amber Heard, jurors in the fairfax, Virginia-based trial must agree that the actress acted with knowledge that she was saying false or with contempt for the truth. In turn, to reach a verdict in favor of Amber, the jury must determine that the statements of Adam Waldman, Johnny’s attorney, were made maliciously as Depp’s agent. Judge Penney Azcarate asked the seven men and women in the council chamber today to read Amber’s article on the Washingon Post at the heart of Johnny’s cause in its entirety, without stopping on “a single word, phrase or image”. Due to the delicacy of the case, the identity of the jurors will remain secret for one year, the judge ruled. Today Johnny Depp arrived at the court and was greeted by cordons of delirious fans who waved to greet him and send him kisses.

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