Depp trial, Amber Heard in tears in the courtroom: “Every day I am humiliated and threatened”

The defamation trial brought by Johnny Depp versus Amber Heard has not yet come to an end (the final arguments are scheduled for today, Friday 27 May) but on social networks has already won, for days, the divo de Pirates of the Caribbean. Most of the videos, especially on Tik Tok, offer clips of the court statements presented in a way to arouse empathy and sympathy for Depp, ridiculing and humiliating Heard. But social media users aren’t limited to teasing, as Amber revealed in her intense new testimony. The actress, sobbinghe said in the courtroom: «Every day I am harassed, humiliated, threatened. Even outside this court. There are people who want to kill me and they tell me every day. People who want to put my baby in the microwave and let me know». Heard also blamed Depp to have “threatened” her, of having promised her «that I would think of him every day…». But she had to interrupt herself due to an objection from her ex-husband’s lawyers, who meanwhile was laughing from her position.

Then the attack by Camille Vasquez, Johnny’s lawyer: “Your lies have been put before the eyes of the world,” said the lawyer, recalling how Amber was denied by various witnesses. Including, lastly, Kate Moss. Heard replied that she knew there would be many people “ready to say anything” in favor of her ex-husband: “This is his power. He is a powerful man who loves to curry favor with powerful people». Precisely for this reason, she continued the actress, “I wrote the editorial”. The one on Washington Post in which in 2019 she accused her ex-husband, without ever quoting him directly, of domestic violence and abuse. Hence the defamation lawsuit (with a $50 million claim) filed by Depp.

The trial began in Fairfox, Virginia on April 12. And, hearing after hearing, Amber and Johnny in court fed the world the gruesome backstory of nightmarish wedding of violence, blood and degradation. After tales of severed fingers, sexual assaults, attempted murders, throwing vodka bottles on the head, and human feces left on the marital bed out of spite, we thought we’d heard enough. But no. In the last chapter of the trial of horrors, the haters by Amber. And their death threats (via keyboard).

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