“Depression and suicide attempt”: the difficult life of Angelina Jolie to 20 years to fame –


Angelina Jolie it is one of the stars indiscutidas within the Hollywood industry, and pas through many stages throughout his life and also his career. We are 20 years of protagnico that the insert in the world of fame and the sac of the ms dark in your life. Always gave that talk, either by success or by many escndalos appealing to the press.

The daughter of the great actor Jon Voight I suffered a lot in his childhood because his father left home and her mother did not want to. In any opportunity to revel in the 13 years it became dao to cope with this vacuum: I did Not like that to me nobody came, it was not able to feel anything, I could not sleep. As to make cuts with knives and feel the pain it was my only way of feeling alive. It was teraputico, expres.



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