Destiny 2 issues error to the weekend – server issues with Weasel

Destiny 2 issues error to the weekend - server issues with Weasel

In Destiny 2 (PC, PS4, Xbox One, Stadia) there today, on November 22, problems with the servers. The players can currently play on any platform without interference or log in. Players will receive error messages like Weasel or Stork, look for the server status of Destiny 2 and blaspheme about Google Stadia.

What’s the problem right now? Anyone who has decided on a relaxed round of Destiny 2 at the moment has bad cards. Currently, a disruption dominates the Destiny universe.

Affected seem to be all platforms. Both on the PC, as well as on PS4 and Xbox One can not be connected to the servers. Also, Destiny 1 and the Companion apps are not really accessible.

Destiny 2 – Weasel and Stork

For most, it is not even possible to log in. The players who somehow make it into the game, however, are permanently kicked out of all activities. The bug-code ‘weasel’ and other mysterious names like Stork say hello.

What does Bungie say about that? The Destiny developer is aware of the problem and is working hard on a solution. On the official Twitter channel is the message that you should wait for new information.

Especially for the weekend, many guardians have looked forward to a few round PvP, the hunt for God-Rolls or a visit to the Raid. The timing is extremely unfavourable for the German players. Is there a good time for server problems?

Players blaspheme about Stadia

Some gamers are already blaming, the current server issues were related to “Google Stadia” – the Destiny 2 players there would overwhelm Bungie’s server capacity. But at the moment there are no indications.

We will keep you up to date and update this article if something should do the problems or Bungie with new information rausrückt.

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