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Through a leak originated on 4chan and then bounced on Reddit, we have the opportunity to discover a series of information regarding Wo Long Fallen Dynasty, the action game from Team Ninja (Nioh, Ninja Gaiden). We talk about the combat system, the setting and more.

For what concern combat system, Wo Long Fallen Dynasty will propose five elements: wood, water, fire, metal and earth. Each element will be linked to a different fighting style. The fire will be aggressive, the water based on counterattacks and the earth on defense, for example. Changing styles at specific times will boost character morale (a mechanic similar to Nioh’s Ki Flow).

There defence will be a central mechanic in Wo Long Fallen Dynasty: defensive moves cancel the others, so you can attack and switch to defense smoothly. Each weapon category will then have its own type of counterattack: some will be able to eliminate normal enemies in a single shot. At stylistic levels the execution moves are very brutal.

Two characters from Wo Long Fallen Dynasty

Two characters from Wo Long Fallen Dynasty

Even the morale system (already officially confirmed by Team Ninja) will be central to Wo Long Fallen Dynasty. Eliminating enemies and performing counterattacks increases morale: the latter will scare enemies and make it easier to attack them. Elite and bosses will require much higher morale to influence them. Lower morale instead makes enemies more aggressive, but also increases our defense. Morale also allows you to activate some special abilities.

In Wo Long Fallen Dynasty it will be possible jump to avoid certain attacks and then trample the enemies’ heads and attacks in the air to do a lot of damage. Additionally, enemies’ heads can be used to jump high and attack enemies behind them.

As for instead the setting by Wo Long Fallen Dynasty, it is stated that the first three chapters of the game will be linked to the rebellion of the Yellow Turbans, the ten Commanders and the military company against Dong Zhuo.

It will be possible to fight against celebrities: In the trailer for Wo Long Fallen Dynasty, Zhang Jue, leader of the Yellow Turbans, is seen and his Yokai version appears in the second phase of the fight. The boss can use various spells. There will also be Lu Bu, Dong Zhuo, Zhang Rang, Hua Xiong, Li Jue & Guo Si (boss fight with two enemies) and as minor bosses Liu Bei, Guan Yu and Zhang Fei. There will be monsters typical of Chinese mythology.

Human enemies of Wo Long Fallen Dynasty will donate gear, while demons will grant spells and other abilities. The spells are based on the Yin and Yang system. The weapons they will be swords, double swords, broadswords, hammers and maces, spears of various kinds, axes, shields, bows, daggers and more. Bows have their own skill tree and won’t just have normal attacks. The loot system is still present but will be simplified compared to Nioh.

Recall that it is only a leak and not official information. We will have to wait for confirmations or denials from Team Ninja.

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