Devil’s Hunt for PC Available on Steam and GOG


Available Devil’s Hunt for PC, with a launch trailer full of angels, demons, flames, and punches.

Devil’s Hunt is now available for PC on Steam and GOG. It is a third-person action in which we play the role of a Lucifer performer. The game is also in development for PS4, Xbox One, and Nintendo Switch. However, the console versions will be launched in Q1 2020, on a date yet to be decided.

At the head of the news is the Devil’s Hunt launch trailer. The price of the game is particularly competitive, given that we talk about € 29.99, with a discount of 10% in the week of launch.

Devil’s Hunt is a title that aspires to paradise but is always there to end up in hell. It has some successful aspects, such as the scenographical installation or the combat, at least in general (despite the problems reported in the review), while others would be completely to be reviewed, such as exploration, really flat, or the system of interactions. Difficult to recommend it as it is, even if the admirers of the imaginary that it carries with it could find it better than we found it.

Devil's Hunt

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