Di Maria magician, Vlahovic is there

Rabiot, double to resurrect Juve: Mr. Wolf, solves problems

An unforgettable evening for him. He hadn’t scored in 50 games, the last goal he had scored on May 23, 2021 against Bologna. With Maccabi Rabiot even scored a brace, not at all trivial because it came at the most delicate moment for the team. The first is a blow under the crossbar in the 35th minute, then an encore in the 83rd minute with a header from a corner kick. Two goals that solved the problems in the two most delicate moments of the match: it seemed Mr. Wolf of Pulp Fiction for Allegri. Juve need him, and Allegri knows this very well.

Di Maria, three assists (and a half): sumptuous

It was the most anticipated and did not disappoint. He is back and has changed the face of Juve. After a short run-in at the start, he pulls a crazy vertical assist out of the hat for Rabiot. He replies at 43 ‘, but this time De Sciglio does not turn into a goal. At the start of the second half he throws Vlahovic into the goal with a delightful external neck shot. And in the most delicate moment of the match he draws a corner kick parable that Rabiot turns into gold again. Fideo next Saturday at San Siro against Milan will have to sit back in the stands for the second day of disqualification after the elbow against Izzo: a real shame for Allegri, who however enjoyed it tonight and all the fans of the Juve. Vlahovic to thank him for the assist, after the goal he went to polish his boot. A boot that has designed magic. Since 2007 only Messi has made more assists than him in the Champions League: Pulce is at 35, Fideo at 34. Only one is missing.

Vlahovic lights up in the second half: lethal

He touches the goal in the 11th minute, then devours another one a minute later. He seems subdued, but in the 50th minute he comes on with a perfect restart on Di Maria’s delightful assist and does not forgive. At 63 ‘he replies, still on an assist from Fideo, but the referee cancels for a millimeter offside with his head. At 72 ‘he comes out to the applause of the 28,000 fans present at the stadium. It is his first goal of the season in the Champions League.

Szczesny, only one choice, wrong: rejected!

First half as a spectator, he does not even have to make a parade, shot from a nightmare. At 62 ‘he reaches out to deflect a poisonous shot from Atzili on the outside post. At 75 ‘he decides to go out and does it very badly by giving the goal to David, who has just entered, and forcing Juve to a painful ending. Atzili then hits two more poles on which the goalkeeper is always late.

De Sciglio between light and shadow: not irresistible

First time between lights and shadows. At 43 ‘he has the opportunity to double, but he doesn’t have the right wickedness. In the interval he gives way to Alex Sandro, due to a muscle problem.

Allegri sees the light and the victory in the Champions League again, with some thrills: satisfied

There was only one possible outcome. Allegri hit him and that was really the only thing that mattered to him. A victory that will not solve all the problems, but it certainly helps to face the future. The team did not shine in the game, especially in the first half, but with a Di Maria so in the mood, the good game can wait. Juve returns to wobble as soon as they suffer the 2-1 goal, and risk more than they should. There is a lot of work to be done, but in the meantime the first victory of the season in the Champions League has arrived. To get to the round of 16, Allegri knows that he can no longer make a mistake.

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