DIALOGOBBI – Zuliani: “Allegri, club and team: tell each other things”

THE DIALOGOBES – Claudio Zuliani: «Merry, club and team: tell each other things to your face». The analysis of him at JuventusNews24

With Claudio Zuliani I shared years of great victories with JuventusTV, where complicated moments, controversial roughness and discussions with the fans were not lacking. And the debate took place even in the most difficult periods, those of the seventh places, when it seemed impossible to go up from a contrary current.

Paul: «Hi Claudio, I immediately go to the point that most haunts me, even before the analyzes, the whys and the ways to get out of the current situation: are we risking a season without being able to be competitive in the league or in the Champions League? Is there a real risk that this crisis is structural and therefore not easily solved, at least not in those short times that would allow us to re-enter both competitions?

Claudio: «Unfortunately, yes, dear Paolo, and do you know why I am telling you this? Because in Monza I have not seen even a single minute that could make me think about absences, contrary decisions, the bad luck of the rebound or the episode that changes a game. I haven’t seen anything on the pitch and that worries me a lot

Paul: «How do you explain a week like the one we lived? And do you think the defeat with Monza is more serious than that with Benfica?

Claudio: «I can’t explain the week we lived because after the second half in Paris I had seen some positive signs, which gave us a glimpse of the possibility of putting in a trio of victories starting with the match against Salernitana. That in reality we would have won, without the crazy decision of the Var. The defeat against Monza is much more serious because we have faced a team that is last in the standings of our championship and not before in the Portuguese one. As if that weren’t enough, we played the first 25 minutes against Benfica, not even the first in Monza“.

Paul: «I have a communicative curiosity. You and I have been living in this world for years and we know how difficult it is to say the right words in hard times. How do you judge Allegri’s recent communication? Beyond the merit, I found the choice of relying on confidences with Sconcerti really strange. Because then in the conference the coach was more nervous than usual. Also, he struggled to define the real status of the team and that doesn’t help anyone

Claudio: «Since we know the coach well, how intelligent and witty he is, how well he is from the point of view of communication and how attentive he is to details, I don’t think he was so naive as to believe that Sconcerti did not write what was – in fact – the fruit of a telephone chat. I therefore deduce that Allegri finds himself in a situation of loneliness against the world of heavy and sometimes offensive criticism that he has received and has sought refuge in a free rein with an important pen“.

Paul: «One last consideration. Between #AllegriIN and #AllegriOUT, I’m from the #AllegriBOH party. Which doesn’t mean abstention, but I really don’t know what to decide right now. I don’t believe in the saviors of the homeland. But I realize that the more time passes and the more margins for recovery there aren’t many more …

Claudio: «To use an expression dear to Max I would say that it is very simple: you have to get together the team-manager-club and say things to each other. If at the end of the clarification the situation can be resolved, continue with this technical guide. Otherwise, for the good of all, it would be better to change“.

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