Diana’s personal astrologer predicted the future of Meghan and Harry

One and a half years have passed since Meghan Markle and Prince Harry resigned from their royal functions to give way from the British court. DSussex’s ecstasy wreaked havoc at Buckingham Palace. It turned out that the couple had not consulted any member of the Windsor family. Really, Meghan and Harry cut themselves off from the British monarchy, renouncing their titles as Their Royal Highnesseswhich they wanted to keep at first. This fact demolished the British, therefore, as their subjects wanted, the couple were eventually deprived of them. Moreover, she had to return funds to the State to renovate their Frogmore Cottage property – a residence where she lived only for a few months.

Meghan and Harry decided to move to Canada. This was while in London there were discussions between members of the royal family about the future of the Sussex after they resigned. The controversial couple went to Vancouver, escaping the hatred that had poured out on them in Great Britain, which in the face of the “megxit” did not leave a dry thread on them. It quickly turned out that Canada is not a place where Meghan and Harry would like to settle down for longer.

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For a long time it was said that the duchess wanted to return to the United Stateswhere she left her family and friends bonding with the British prince. Firstly The Sussex settled in Beverly Hills in a $ 18 million villa. The grandson of Elizabeth II and his wife then lived in an estate rented from Tyler Perry, and their neighbors were the biggest stars of the glass screen, incl. Adele, Ashton Kutcher, Mila Kunis, Cameron Diaz, Nicole Kidman, Jennifer Lawrence and Penelope Cruz. A few months later it was revealed that a villa in a luxurious LA neighborhood was a thing of the past. In July 2020, the couple bought a house in the small town of Montecito in Santa Barbara County.

Although the couple’s controversial, and for many incomprehensible decisions, embarrassed not only the public, but also the royal family themselves, it was not a surprise for one person. I am talking about Princess Diana’s personal astrologerthat Harry’s mother had confided in her problems for years. Debbie Frank she had known long before that there would be a surprising twist in the life of the Sussex people.

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Meghan Markle and Prince Harry in Oprah Winfrey

Princess Diana’s astrologer predicted Meghan and Harry’s fate

Debbie Frank is one of the most famous British astrologers, who is consulted by the most popular front-page figures in life. The woman also regularly collaborates with magazines such as “Hello”, “InStyle”, “Daily Mail”, “Sunday Express” and “Daily Mirror”. Franc however, it is known primarily for her long-term cooperation with Princess Diana. Prince Charles’s ex-wife confided in her for years about private problems, the solutions to which she found with the help of an astrologer friend.

Franc she was one of the few to know what was happening outside the walls of Buckingham Palace. It was her cards that confirmed Diana’s intuition that she “will never become a queen”. The woman also claims that predicted the parting of the “queen of human hearts” and the heir to the throne.

Once upon a time, Debbie Frank was tempted to predict the future of Lady Di’s son and his wife, Meghan Markle. In 2018 revealed that the American celebrity will not feel well among members of the British royal family.

Franc at the time, she mentioned that the Sussexs would be making serious and groundbreaking decisions for themselves. She also sensed that the couple might want to leave the country. At that time, however, no one took these words very seriously.

One year later, when Archie Harrison was born, the astrologer also spoke about his future. As she said, the boy will be an honest, adventurous, independent and extroverted person. The woman also believes that the son of Meghan and Harry will not be afraid to experiment or run away from the schemes.

– she revealed, adding that Archie will become friends with the son of Kate and William, Prince Louis. “They will be related ghosts,” she confessed. Will this prophecy also come true? Archie hasn’t seen his British family in a year and a half. So it means that the chances of a close relationship between the boy and the Cambridge children are rather slim. But you never know what the future holds. Perhaps it will turn out that Debbie Frank was actually telling the truth …

Photo: Newspix / BE&W Agency

Meghan Markle, Prince Harry and Archie

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