Did Bruce Almighty Really Save Jennifer Aniston’s Life?

In God’s Week we see Jim Carrey perform the most absurd miracles, from the opening of the waters (on a small scale) to the exit of the moon from its orbit, through monkeys jumped out of places from the most unthinkable (and painful) places and prayers answered on a large scale. According to some, however, the deeds of our would not end here.

According to an old story, in fact, Carrey would have made the most heroic gesture on the set in the role of himself, and not Bruce Nolan: the actor, in fact, would have literally saved Jennifer Aniston’s lifewho risked being the victim of an accident due to bad weather.

It seems that during a day of filming, the strong wind had in fact begun to swing the cable of a crane located behind Aniston in a rather dangerous way: Carrey would therefore have managed to intervene promptly a moment before the cable hit the Friends starwho at that point would have at least sustained quite serious injuries.

The story, however, has been deflated several times by those directly involved: while the Ace Ventura actor claims that the story was quite exaggerated by the mediaIn fact, Aniston denies even being there that day! Will it be true? Who can tell! Speaking of Friends, in the meantime, here you will find an unexpected link between the sitcom and Bruce Almighty.

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