Digilocker App To Save Your Dl And Other Vehicle Related Documents : The hassle of DL is over! Even if you roam anywhere without a driving license, the police will not catch

new Delhi. If you forget to keep your driving license with you and have got thousands of challans deducted so far in this affair, then now there is a good news for you. Actually, now if you forget your driving license in your house and during this time you are checked while driving, then the traffic police will not deduct your challan. Actually, now you have such an option, due to which you can avoid traffic challan even without keeping the physical copy of the driving license with you. All you need is your smartphone and after that you don’t need to worry about anything.

In fact, as technology progresses, solutions to some complex problems are also emerging. People using technology can now easily avoid these problems. One of these problems also includes that you forget your driving license at home, but technology has also forgotten this problem.

Digilocker app is the solution

Some of you probably know about Digilocker. This app lets you scan and keep your documents safe. This is a government recognized app, on which you can now also keep government documents safe, including your Aadhar card, birth certificate, voter ID card, driving license and other documents related to your vehicle, which usually you need to know about the police. Had to show it during checking. However, now all you have to do is open the Digi Locker app on your smartphone and show these documents and your challan will not be deducted. If you did not know this date yet, then now you have the best solution to this problem because nowadays most of the people carry a smartphone.

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