DirectX 12 is the Ultimate joins the graphics of the game for both PC and console


The GDC may also have been cancelled, but the latest news that is pertinent to the biggest event in the world, and for the industry in the development of the game to follow soon. In a presentation to the press on Thursday (19), Nvidia he plans to offer up to the gamedevs, with respect to the graphics area for the games of 2020.

Among the various novelties, the highlight was the announcement of the support for the DirectX 12 Ultimate (DX12 and the Ultimate, which is the most recent set of APIs to Microsoftthe line of GeForce video cards RTX. The models in this line are, according to Nvidia, the most suitable for the enthusiasts of some of the trends in the well in the high in the industry, such as ray tracing, and other names as well for technical as for variable rate shading, mesh, shader, and fan feedback. Microsoft also held a conference to talk about DX12 and the Ultimate.

Even though the names are impressive, his understanding is fairly simple: The idea is to give the developer adds that he had always been, but without sacrificing any of the quality of the image,” explains Alexandre Ziebert, manager of technical marketing at Nvidia, in an interview with the Canaltech. According to him, the names of the above can contribute to the creation of an ecosystem that makes life easier for the developer to create the visual part of the game.

(Picture: Handout/NVidia)

According to the companies, the technology works by bringing a kind of “unification” between the graphics of the game for both PC and console. Basically, the idea is to Microsoft, is that the games on both platforms to share the stories of the DX12 and the Ultimate in order to simplify the development process, without losing any image quality or processing time.

“The The Xbox Onefor example, you have three operating systems, each with its own purpose. In the Xbox Series the X argument, you must use the same system as the PC, with the exception of their own, but the idea is that the kernel is the same. For Microsoft, it is important that it be a unified [entre Windows e consoles de mesa]. Roughly speaking, this allows for the development of the game within the DX12 Ultimate -, follow the same process regardless of the platform, rather than what we see today, where each and every one of them has its own method of application”, says Ziebert.

He further argues that, under the same umbrella, because of difficulties related to the integration of resources could be minimized, when not eliminated.

The idea of unification, it is one of the windows has been facing for ages: ultimately, we see a shift in the discourse of the company by making Windows 10 a platform for the service, (up to date) rather than releasing a new version of its operating system at every update. When it comes to video game systems, the company from Redmond comes in, to the extent possible, by adopting the same premise, greatly improving the services of the connectivity, such as the Xbox Game of the Pass. The idea of “games as a service” should be trying to dictate the direction of Microsoft, by the year 2020.

And with DirectX 12 the Ultimate it will also be the standard in the Xbox Series, the next console from Microsoft, which is expected to be released in November and December, in the year 2020.

Wolfenstein Youngblood it’s one of those games that you have already been using the technology on certain scales

But what does Nvidia have to do with it? According to the company history, their API’s proprietary for the ray tracing (NVidia’s Analysis) has been incorporated as a standard by the process of ray tracing inside the DX12 Port.

The new API from Microsoft that is based on four essential pillars, which we have named above. All of them are working together to ensure that there is communication flowing between the hardware and the software on both platforms. And on top of that, Ziebert has taken a bit of time to break down what makes each and every one of the key pillars of

1. Ray Tracing

Starting with the more well-known, ray tracing, it is, in short, is a graphical feature, which allows games and other audiovisual products to reproduce the effects and consequences of light with high fidelity. “Think of the surface to show a reflection of the character of the ray tracing, is this the right way”. And that goes for everything, from the reflection of a person on the surface of the mirror, until the distortion is unreal in this picture, the reflection is, let’s say, on the curves of the bodywork of a car, and even the shadow cast by a hindrance to light. That is, the ray tracing, it ensures that everything that is to be represented faithfully.

(Picture: Handout/NVidia)

2. The Variable Rate Shading (RV)

Basically, it is a feature that causes the system to prioritize the areas of the reproduction of the visual, thus reducing the quality on purpose, in areas which are less important to cherish the ones in which the player tends to pay more attention to it. According to Ziebert, inside the technology from Nvidia, there are tiers of ACUITY, with emphasis on the second tier, which allows for a finer adjustment of the image, and in the two specific powers and duties of the company’s Content — Adaptative-Shading (“turned to the still images, for example, a table in the background), and Motion Adaptative Shading (“when the camera angle changes the view, and the image is slightly blurry, as is the case with the human eye”). “Both of them are combined in the rendering of the intelligent of both. A strategy game in which you make use of is Wolfenstein: Youngblood,” explains the manager.

(Picture: Handout/NVidia)

3. The Mesh shader

The inside of the graphics pipeline APIs a traditional Nvidia for years, you can count on the units graphics that are dedicated to the process geometry,” says Ziebert, saying that it may be possible to distinguish, for example, how triangles are incorporated into or deleted from an image, as is the ability to see them. “On our tour of the Asteroids, so it was fairly applied: let’s say that an asteroid will… you will see from the front but not the back, so there’s no need to waste the performance of what you cannot see. On the other hand, the thing in front of you you’ll have a better quality of the image. Basically, you pass in the coordinates of an object to the GPU, and it translates it into an image on a screen. In the current version, this feature serves as a function to the GPU without interfering with the processor, that is, the gain in performance and image quality.

(Picture: Handout/NVidia)

4. Fan Feedback

This feature ensures the best visual quality at the same time as the delivery time of the loading, the shorter and less choking of the processing, which is used by developers to make it so that the textures will be loaded onto the screen only when it is needed.

“The idea is that [o sistema] you can, instead of building the entire image in each frame, and to do it with bits and pieces of the image, and then saving it all as if it were a texture, and then, in the table below, reusing that texture. In the presentation of the Nvidia, it was because of the example of a mountain range. Ziebert touched on this point: “on the mountain, you see the same 20 or 30 tables, so it doesn’t need to be done, and redone it 20 or 30 times.” The executive will ensure that these little actions, from the application of artificial intelligence in the system, the graphic, bring in the earnings that are optimized for performance, without impacting on the quality of the image.

Ziebert says that even though the Windows and the gains are not as significant, but also notable, and welcome to it), it is in the Xbox Series the X-it’s going to be more clear: “we are talking about winnings doubled or trebled in the physical memory, and the performance of the SSD”.

Nvidia also has collected testimonials from some of the professionals in the game development studios that have been experimenting with the DX12 and the Ultimate for some time now:

Marcus Wassmer, director of engineering and the graphics of Epic Games

“On the DX12 and the Ultimate brings you the latest technology in graphics hardware with support for aoray tracing, mesh, shaders, and the variable rate shading. This is the new standard for the next generation of gaming”.

– Anton Yudintsev, CEO of Gaijin Entertainment

“When you invest in the graphing functions of the new generation, using the DirectX 12 And in the Ultimate, we know that our work will be a benefit both on the PC and on the consoles, and all games will have the look that you have always dreamed of that you were able to.

Chris Larsen, the chief operating OFFICER of Hi-Rez Studios

“DirectX 12 Is the Ultimate will speed up the adoption of the function-graphic of the end for the cross-platform development is no longer fragmented. With him, I know that it can take the functions of graphic and innovative right away, and that they will work on the PC and on the Xbox games. We have already been playing around with DirectX, Ultimate to the game After the Company, which will be released later in the year 2020”.

Koen Deetman, chief executive officer and a director of games, from KeokeN Interactive

“As a developer a single API to the C’s and the Xbox is such a blessing to my business. If my programmers are familiar with the DX12 and the Ultimate, they are able to code both for a PC-to-console”.

Mina Boström Nakicenovic, chief technology officer of the Paradox

“DirectX 12 Is the Ultimate will speed up the adoption of new technologies, and shrinking development cycles. The tools and samples provided by Nvidia for the ray tracing, are of a higher class, and with DirectX 12 the Ultimate means that they now benefit from the release of the game on the Xbox”.

Mika Vehkala, director of technology and Remedy Entertainment

“DirectX 12 Is the Ultimate it will be the accelerator for the adoption of the technology, the graphics of the top games, simply because there will be no fragmentation on the platform. DirectX 12 Is the Ultimate, we’re going to take the roles of visual, cross-platform, faster than ever before”.



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