discover the 2023 shades to copy immediately to look younger!

We may have already forgotten, but it’s been almost three years since the start of Covid. We spent two years at home that no one will give us back and in any case our body has changed.
Our habits, fears, but also ours leather it went to vary. Obviously time passes and this also happens for our body.

However, we have the solution to all problems. Because of this winter 2023 they are super popular three types of colors for hair.
They have been chosen ad hoc with the aim of going to rejuvenate our complexion and also our hair.

If you feel like giving your hair a clean cut with a nice pixie cut and, why not, even change your hair color, check out ours gallery with 15 looks from which to take inspiration. Time passes, but it will no longer be seen on you.

Dyed pixie cut –

For winter 2023, strange but true, the most requested shade is chaste colorno in all its nuances.
Above all, the tonality is depopulating Long live Magenta which is always combined with a dark brown base.

With the lower temperatures, the trendiest color is cold, but also super bright.
I am well three the colors in vogue for this winter 2023 and we will show them to you only on the version of pixie cutthe most requested cut in recent years.
The colors adapt to all types of cuts and therefore let’s discover the trendy shades and the gallery to be inspired by

Pixie cut winter colors
Winter dyed pixie cut – (IG Source: @beauty_by_emilylanger) –

If brown is super popular for this winter 2023, so too LONG LIVE MAGENTA not joking. The color most requested by hairdressers is the red and which gives our hair more or less clear and bright shades based on the natural color of your hair.

Those with blond hair will get a more red or coppery color, while brunettes will become magenta with some more or less warm shades. A lot also depends on the undertone of your complexion.

Despite the passing years, this kind of tint will revive to your foliage, but also to your skin. Also the long tuft or bangs can go to cover wrinkles located on the forehead.
Dare and rejuvenate!

Pixie cut winter colors
Pixie cut winter colors – (IG Source: @albumhair) –

Let’s go back to our dear brownbut in the version dark. We have seen many divas change their hair color by daring with this dye in recent times and that is why it is super popular.
It is known that it is precisely the stars who create the most followed and emulated fashions.

The dark brown is very reminiscent of the color of dark chocolate, almost tending towards black. Paired with a pixie cut this cut goes super rock and of character.
Surely you know how to make yourself respected and it’s impossible not to notice you with this new, in-demand tint.

This color highlights your eyes and the cut of your hair goes to frame your face perfectly going to hide expression lines.

Pixie cut winter colors
Pixie cut winter colors – (IG Source: @cropped2perfection) –

Last, but not least, the pixel cut in the version light brown. This tint is very reminiscent of a natural hair, because it plays on contrast between medium and light shades.
The base stays dark which is also easier to maintain. You won’t need constant touch-ups, especially if you have darker brown roots.

If you feel that you are not daring enough, you can add several lighter and warmer strands as the beautiful Natalie Portman also decided to do.
Avoid overdoing it, though, or you’ll look older. Let’s remain more humble, at least at the beginning of the year!

If you still haven’t figured out which version of pixie cut it conquers you the most and, above all, which color you like best for it winter 2023check out ours gallery with others 12 looks to inspire you.
Totally change your hair rejuvenating your figure.

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