Discover the hottest end of summer trend. It’s a pin top, meaning a short …

This summer, we did not shy away from bold clothes that reveal a lot of the body. It will be worth saying goodbye to the season, therefore, reaching for the “pin top”, which is very popular among stars, i.e. a frivolous blouse, resembling a short sweater, which is held only by a decorative paper clip or safety pin. This trend is promoted by, among others Bella Hadid, Megan Fox, Emily Ratajkowski and Hailey Bieber.

This summer, modesty and minimalism were replaced by courage in expressing oneself through clothes. After many months spent in isolation, we welcomed holiday trends full of bold, revealing styles with relief and joy. Clothes with sexy cutouts, transparent, airy materials, ultra-short tops and lace, underwear dresses straight from the boudoir – this year’s summer fashion was certainly not created for the shy. If we want to say goodbye to the slowly ending season, let us pay attention to one of the most expressive trends of recent weeks, which celebrities and influencers have already fallen in love with.

The “pin top” is a blouse that at first glance looks like a short cardigan, which, instead of buttons or a zipper, is held on both sides by a decorative paper clip or safety pin. As it is supposed to be worn without anything underneath, it will appeal primarily to ladies who love to attract attention. Announced by the magazine “Vogue” the hottest trend of the season, the pin top is liked by the stars famous for their perfect fashion sense – Bella Hadid, Megan Fox and Hailey Bieber. The latter delighted fans by appearing recently in a beach photo session for the American fashion bible, wearing a black crossover sweater secured with a tiny golden button and a massive safety pin. Emily Ratajkowski, on the other hand, stole the hearts of fashionistas in June when she went for a walk wearing a blue pin top and loose, bright jeans.

The Lyst platform also saw a sudden increase in the popularity of this trend. According to the website report, in just two weeks the number of “pin top” searches increased by as much as 78 percent. “In the fashion world, the stage of avoiding anything that can be considered sexy has ended. This season, we see a clear shift towards emphasizing sex appeal, and the pin top reflects this trend, “comments Hannah Banks-Walker, head of fashion and beauty at Grazia, in an interview with The Guardian. And she adds that ultra-feminine styles will also be very popular in autumn – bodysuits will come back in great style. “While you don’t expose your skin, it’s a very sensual outfit that offers a new take on sexy style,” notes Banks-Walker. (PAP Life)

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