Disney lawyers will not succumb to the Scarlett Johansson hype

In the times of the widely available Internet, even the smallest rumor can gain great publicity, all thanks to, for example, Twitter. However, it seems that Disney has no intention of bending down even in the face of a potential media storm.

Late last month there were reports that Scarlett Johansson decided to sue the Hollywood giant because of the movie’s distribution plan Black Widow. Due to the parallel premiere of this production in cinemas and on the streaming platform, the actress was to lose up to millions of dollars. Disney representatives decided to react quickly, declaring that the accusations made by Johansson were unfounded. The response from the studio’s lawyers was shocked by the actress, as reported by her legal representative.

“This dispute has no basis. The lawsuit filed seems extraordinarily sad in the face of the events of the Coronavirus pandemic. Disney has consistently acted in accordance with Miss Johansson’s contract, premiere in theaters and streaming increased her earnings, as already on the admission was $ 20 million “ – was Disney’s response to the accusations made by the actress.

Although it might seem that if the online community takes the side of Johansson, Disney will eventually have to bend down. It turns out, however, that it will not be that simple. According to the website VarietyHollywood giant’s lawyer Daniel Petrocelli has revealed that no tricks will work in the actress’s favor because she has a contract that she has to stick to.

“It’s just a simple well-rounded PR action to ensure revenue that is not included in the contract. No public pressure will make anything change. The contract signed was very clear.” Petrocelli declared.

Interestingly, a similar lawsuit may be filed by Emma Stone, who starred in a recent film Cruella. This production also hit theaters and the streaming platform in parallel.

And how do you think which side in this conflict is right?

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