Disney Plus TV series streaming in November 2022

The month of November 2022 up Disney+ is full of interesting releases. Especially the many fans of Grey’s Anatomy they must mark in red on November 2nd when season 19 will start, as per tradition, about a month after the American departure. Episode release is weekly as well as per Station 19 always out on November 2nd. And then it’s series finale month by The Walking Dead with the last episode of season 11.

Disney + November 2022 the new TV series in streaming

November 2nd

Grey’s Anatomy s.19 with weekly release of the episodes: it is the season in which Ellen Pompeo will participate in only 8 episodes (7 in autumn and the season finale) and in which 4 new trainees arrive who will be the engine of the action especially in the first episodes. A sort of new beginning for the series.

Station 19 s.6 with weekly release of the episodes: the series restarts a few months after the events of the previous season, the barracks is always looking for a new balance between its members and personal events sometimes take over the cases to be faced.

Reboot s.1: funny comedy from the co-creator of Modern Family, in the center the set of the reboot of a family comedy from the early 2000s. Rich cast with Paul Reiser, Rachel Bloom, Hudy Greer and Keegan-Michael Key.

Polar Opposites s.3: new episodes for the animated series about aliens on earth.

November 16th

Tell Me Lies s.1, based on the novel by Carola Lovering, tells the story of the relationship between Lucy Albright and Stephen DeMarco over 8 years, from meeting in college to adult life. Grace Van Patten and Jackson White star; in the cast also Gabriella Pession.

New Santa Clause Wanted s.1 (first 2 episodes then weekly): TV series sequel to the Santa Clause film franchise with Tim Allen born in 1994. Scott Calvin returns who after 30 years spent as Santa Claus has to deal with the decline in popularity of Christmas, struggles so to balance work and family needs and thus decides to find a new Santa Claus.

November 23rd

Reasonable Doubt s.1: produced by Kerry Washington and created by Onyx Collective, is a legal drama starring Jax Stweart played by Emayatzy Corinealdi, a defense attorney in Los Angeles and mother of two who has to balance between divorce and her cases.

Maggie s.1 (and unique): comedy about a seer who has a vision of her own future; canceled after one season.

Good Troubland s.4

November 30th

Willow – The series s.1: sequel to the 1988 fantasy adventure by George Lucas; the sorcerer Nelwyn returns after saving the Empress Elora Danan, to lead a group of heroes to discover a world beyond imagination.

Disney+ November 2022 the TV series that continue (or end)

On November 2 last episode for The Old Man, spy drama starring Jeff Bridges as an old spy forced back into action. On November 21st it ends instead The Walking Dead with the last episode of the series. But the Walking Dead universe will expand with a miniseries about Rick and Michionne, with Dead City with Negan and Maggie and with a series that should be set in Europe with Derry.

On November 23 ends the first season of Andor of the Star Wars world and on November 30 the second season of Champion Cloth – Game Changer. They continue every Wednesday The Mysterious Academy of Young Geniuses 2, Women in Taipei And American Horror Stories 2.

Disney+ November 2022 other entertainment

A highly anticipated title arriving from November 9 is David Beckham: Teams to Save in which the now famous ex-footballer returns to East London where he grew up to mentor Westward Boys an amateur side facing relegation.

It arrives on November 16th on Disney+ Limitless with Chris Hemsworth a National Geographic series in which in each episode Hemsworth faces physical and mental feats developed by world-renowned experts, scientists and doctors to unlock the aging process. Mickey Mouse: The Story of a Mouse arrives on November 18, a docuseries on the creative process of the iconic Disney character. Season 2 premieres on November 2nd The D’Amelio Show while the sports docu-series arrives on the 23rd Legacy: The True Story of the LA Lakers.

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