Hawkeye series

Hawkeye, one of several TV series planned for the Disney Plus subscription-based streaming platform, could have its new protagonist.

Among the many product lines based on Marvel intellectual property that was announced as exclusive service coming to Disney + there is also a dedicated Hawkeye, which may have been revealed the name of the protagonist.

To play the role of Kate Bishop, in fact, could be Hailee Steinfeld, known for her performances in Ender’s Game, the Pitch Perfect and Bumblebee series. The young actress would, therefore, play the second superhero known as the official Hawkeye, as told in the Young Avengers series.

Also, Jeremy Renner, the Hawkeye of the Avengers series, is expected in the cast of the series, probably in the role of mentor for Kate. In any case, agreements with the actress have not yet been made official, so at the moment it is only a matter of rumors.

The Hawkeye series, moreover, will still have a lot to wait as it is expected for autumn 2021, within the intense schedule envisaged for the Disney + subscription service which also includes Falcon and Winter SoldierWandaVision , Loki and Marvel: What If.

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