Divorce was good for them. Kidman was jumping with happiness

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On August 8, two decades have passed since one of Hollywood’s most popular couples broke up. The Australian star was so happy that she screamed and jumped in front of her attorney’s office. She regained freedom and peace of mind. The fact is, Cruise put her in front of a fait accompli … Behind her, he filed his divorce papers and, with the help of Scientologists, was already looking for a new, more “suitable” wife. Because Nicole never wanted to be part of the church.

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Gwiazdor claimed that they were separated by “insurmountable differences”, which shocked his wife. – Our life together was perfect. I licked my wounds for a long time. I was struck by his decision, broken and convinced that love would never meet me again – she said. Neither she nor Cruise has ever given the exact reasons for the breakup.

It was known that the adopted children, Isabella and Conor, would stay with their father. Their mother barely swallowed it, but believed that she would be in constant contact with her son and daughter. On August 8, 2001, however, she could not hide her joy. Paparazzi took – as it turned out later – iconic photos of her, today they are shown as memes.

Nicole Kidman and Tom Cruise
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