Djokovic’s test for contamination could have been manipulated

The test that the Serbian tennis player Novak Djokovic was infected with the coronavirus could have been manipulated, Der Spiegel suggested. The world leader flew to Melbourne for the Australian Open, but the government is still considering deportation.

As reported by the German magazine, citing the test QR code, which gave a negative result, it was probably executed not on December 16 – as Djokovic claimed – but 10 days later.

“The digital data suggests that the test results are not from December 16 at all. They show 14:21 Serbian time on December 26,” the magazine said.

“Der Spiegel” explained that the test results can be printed with the time and date just a few minutes after the test, but it is possible to print them later and then the document contains the data at the time of downloading from the server. The magazine revealed that the said test in the Serbian database is numbered 7371999, which is about 50,000. higher than the second test on December 22, in which the Serbian tennis player proved that he had already recovered from Covid-19, with negative results, and was allowed to fly to Australia for the competition as a recovery.

Another suspicious fact that the magazine’s reporters stumbled upon is that the analyzed test allegedly from December 16 gave at 1:19 pm negative, and on re-checking an hour later it was positive.

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There were new doubts about Djokovic on Wednesday. Serb admitted that “human error” was the cause of a mistake in his Australian entry documents, which violated the country’s strict rules on reporting recent travels.

In the last 14 days before his trip to Australia, Djokovic was supposed to be only in his home country, but photos and videos on social media indicate that he may have been in Spain.

On Wednesday, Djokovic said his travel declaration was filled out by his team which made an “administrative error”. As he explained, the answer was “no” to the question whether he had traveled elsewhere in the 14 days prior to arriving in Australia.

“This is a human mistake and it was certainly not on purpose,” the tennis player said on Instagram.

“We live in difficult times of a global pandemic and sometimes these errors can arise,” he added.

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The announcement comes as Australia’s Immigration Minister Alex Hawke is still debating whether to cancel the world’s number one tennis player’s visa. It is an offense to provide false or misleading information on the formfor which there is a penalty of up to 12 months in prison and a fine and may lead to the annulment of the visa.

Djokovic said his lawyers provided additional information to the Australian government on Wednesday.

A spokesman for Hawke said that the consideration of the Serbian tennis player’s case will be extended to evaluate new information.

By the way, Djokovic also apologized for participating in the interview and photo shoot for “L’Equipe” on December 18, the day after he admitted that he found out about his positive test for Covid-19.

I went home after the interview to isolate myself for the required period. On reflection, it was a mistake – I should have postponed this commitment – he said.

Djokovic denied media reports that he also knew about his infection when he attended a tennis event in Belgrade the day before to hand out prizes to children.

I was asymptomatic and feeling fine, and only received a positive PCR notification after this event he said and added that the rapid antigen test performed prior to the event was negative.

Djokovic has not been vaccinated against Covid-19 so far and thus has not met the requirements of the event organizers. He was released from this obligation on medical grounds, but after his arrival in Australia, he was held for several days in immigration detention in Melbourne. His visa was canceled by border guards who questioned Serb’s medical exemption from the obligation to vaccinate.

He was released on Monday. A judge overruled the decision, saying the visa cancellation was “unjustified” because the player was not given time to consult lawyers and tennis officials upon arrival.

The competition in the main part of the Australian Open starts on Monday. Djokovic has triumphed in this tournament a record nine times.

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