Do PV owners have to send statements to settle electricity under the old rules?

Many current prosumers are afraid that if they do not send written statements about staying with the current discount system, they will automatically, without their consent and knowledge, change the rules of billing electricity from photovoltaics to net-billing from July 2022. We asked the Ministry of Culture and National Heritage for clarification. .

Many owners of home photovoltaic installations report to the Farmer’s editorial office with an unusual question – do they have to send any reports (to their energy sellers) confirming that they do not want to change the current photovoltaic electricity billing system based on a discount system (net-metering). Where did you get that question from?

Well, recently the Internet and social media portals have been flooded with many posts and videos in which users of photovoltaic installations warn other prosumers that if they do not send a written declaration of the will to stay with the discount system, it will be changed from the machine to a new, less profitable one , net-billing system.

They base their concerns about the revised art. 4 sec. 1b, the RES Act, which obliges to send written statements.

Therefore, we addressed this question directly to the Media Communication Department of the Department of Education and Communication of the Ministry of Climate and Environment:

According to the amended RES Act, should the current owners of home photovoltaics send a statement to energy sellers that they want billing for electricity produced from photovoltaics under the old rules (net-metering), otherwise, if they do not do it, they will be billed automatically from July 2022? on the new net-billing rules? If they have to send such a declaration, what deadline do they have to do?

The RES Act does not require sending written statements?

Below, we present a response from the Ministry of Culture and National Heritage experts regarding the amended Art. 4 (1b) of the RES Act.

“New regulations do not introduce an obligation for current prosumers, who already use the discount system, to submit declarations on further functioning on these principles. The premise is taking into account the acquired rights of prosumers so that they can continue to use the current settlements without submitting additional statements. “

So what are the provisions of Art. 4 paragraph 1 b?

The MKiŚ experts wrote back to our editorial office:

“Only in the case of, when a prosumer using the discount system would like change the billing system to net billing (settlement taking into account the market value of electricity), will be required to submit a declaration to the energy seller (legal basis: Art. 4 (1b) of the Energy Conservation Act, which comes into force on April 1, 2022). “

The statements of the Ministry of Culture and National Heritage experts show that the current owners of photovoltaic installations voluntarily send a written statement to energy sellers if they want to change the current discount system to a new system of solar electricity billing, which will come into force on April 1, 2022.

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