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A constituent element of the skin tissue, hydrolyzed collagen (i.e. reduced into microscopic particles) is experiencing a golden moment because it is increasingly the main ingredient of new professional aesthetic treatments. The last born is called DS V-Line, and consists of strands of hydrolyzed collagen that are made to be absorbedwith a precise procedure performed by properly trained beauticians, directly in the wrinkles and depressions of the face and neck to make them less evident.

While the number of faithful expands beauty addict that include creams and serums that contain it in the cosmetic routine, celeb like Jennifer Aniston, for years a convinced consumer of beverages based on the precious ingredient together with Gwyneth Paltrow and Khloé Kardashan to name a few, continues to praise the hydrolyzed collagen to drink. But do they work? We asked Federica Almondo, specialist in Food Science, nutrigenetics expert and founder of Cerva 16 Milan.

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The best hydrolyzed collagen supplements: how to use them

The element inserted in nutritional supplements, and also in cosmetic products, called hydrolyzed collagen is obtained by subjecting collagen of animal origin (bovine, pig or fish) to thermal, acid, alkaline and / or enzymatic hydrolysis processes in order to reduce it into protein fragments of lower molecular weight. “Regular intake of collagen can help to keep skin, joints, nails healthy and also to counteract the excessive loss of muscle mass”, explains nutritionist Federica Almondo. «The daily quantity of hydrolyzed collagen to be supplemented depends above all on the desired result (for the well-being of the skin and joints for example). In general, 1 g per day is sufficient for every 10 kg of body weight ».

To appreciate its effects, collagen should be taken in cycles of at least 3 months for a total of 2 or 3 cycles per year depending on the type of individual. «It can be taken at any time of the day, but his effect is enhanced if it is taken in the evening, because it is during the night that our organism activates the phase of cellular reconstruction and regeneration ».

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