Doctor says Botox on the penis is unlikely

According to the Spanish newspaper La Razón, football player Cristiano Ronaldo, 37, has Botox injected into his penis with the aim of enlarging the organ. The publication went viral as soon as it was published, reverberating in several European vehicles. However, the Portuguese ace has not commented on the matter so far.

For doctor Barbara Carneiro, a specialist in dermatology and aesthetic medicine, this news makes no sense, since botulinum toxin serves to relax the muscle and not the other way around. “The use of botox on the penis would even damage the erection. There are cases of application in the scrotum, but not in the penis. Only if he wanted to let his penis relax, which doesn’t seem to be the case,” she justifies.

Applied to the scrotum, botox would make the skin smoother, giving the impression of a larger scrotum. In any case, it is necessary to be very careful with any procedure that promises to increase the sexual organ, as the specialist warns.

Is it possible to increase the size of the penis?

According to Barbara, a safe possibility to enlarge the penis would be penile prosthesis surgery. “Any other fancy technique or chains on social networks and messaging apps (very common nowadays) is not recommended by doctors”, she warns.

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