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More than fourteen days have now passed since the arrival of Doctor Strange 2 in cinemas and, therefore, we have already started talking more freely about some plot twists and cameos present in the film, categories to which it fully belongs also John Krasinski.

The star of The Office, Jack Ryan And At Quiet Place appears, together with Patrick Stewart, Hayley Atwell, Lashana Lynch, Chiwetel Ejiofor and Anson Mount in a very specific scene: the one in which Stephen Strange is being judged by the Illuminati on Earth-838. At that juncture of Doctor Strange 2, John Krasinski appears for a few minutes as Mister Fantastic AKA Reed Richards. A way in which Marvel Studios probably wanted to pay homage to one of the most discussed fantacasting ever online: what John Krasinski loudly wanted in the role of the aforementioned Reed Richards and his wife Emily Blunt in those of Richards’ wife. by Susan “Sue” Storm, the Invisible Woman.

In the past few hours, the star announced on Twitter that he had just returned to the city after having finished shooting some project and, turning to his followers and his followers, he then asked for advice on which film to go to the cinema. The moment someone points out that he could go and see Doctor Strange 2, John Krasinski he lets himself go to a very brief comment from a word that perfectly sums up his experience: Fantastic.

Despite the presence of John Krasinski in Doctor Strange 2 made the hearts of fans and fans leap, according to an indiscretion dating back to a few days ago, the acclaimed actor, director, screenwriter and producer was not the first choice of Marvel Studios for the Mister Fantastic cameo. Apparently Kevin Feige and co. they aimed to have Daniel Craig who, however, then decided not to participate due to concerns related to the new Coronavirus (HERE ARE ALL THE DETAILS).

Find everything you need to know about the feature film directed by acclaimed Sam Raimi in our film profile.

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