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One of the most talked about moments of Doctor Strange 2Sam Raimi’s cinecomic with Benedict Cumberbatch and Elizabeth Olsen, was certainly the passage in which, on Earth-838, the Illuminati appear, including actors of the caliber of Patrick Stewart and John Krasinski.

In that scene of Doctor Strange 2to take on the role of Reed Richards AKA Mr Fantastic, was the aforementioned John Krasinski, actor, director and producer who, for years and years, has been approached to the part in question by fans (who would also like his wife Emily Blunt in those of Susan “Sue” Storm Richards, the Invisible Woman). Of course, the appearance of John Krasinski in Doctor Strange 2 does not in any way mean that it will be this actor who will continue to play the role of the charismatic character in a hypothetical – and already confirmed – Marvel Studios feature film dedicated to Fantastic 4. Indeed, the impression of many was that the choice to see him in that scene to play that particular character was made mostly for some form of fan service.

What, this, which was also confirmed by Sam Raimi who discussed it in the audio commentary on the Digital edition of Doctor Strange.

The director points out that this is a decision made by Marvel Studios boss Kevin Feige, eager to indulge this well-known fan fantasy. In short: the only reason for the presence of the star must be attributed precisely to the voice of those who, over the years, have expressed the desire to see him as Mr Fantastic. The charisma and acting prowess shown by Krasinski over time played no part in it.

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