Does it change your contracts and rates? He cannot do it: warning Dolomiti Energia – Cronaca

TRENTO. Energy companies cannot unilaterally change tariffs, effectively imposing new conditions until April 2023. Center for research and protection of consumers and users of Trento (Crtcu), specifying that, despite the communications of some companies, the economic conditions of the existing contracts will continue to apply as it is Ius Variandi was suspended by article 3 of the decree law of August 9, 2022, 115, as soon as it was converted into law.

“Dolomiti Energia – explained by the Crtcu – has delivered and is still delivering modification letters, effectively imposing pejorative rates before the natural expiration of existing contracts, most of which at a fixed rate. Until April 30, 2023, the effectiveness of any contractual clause that allows the electricity and natural gas supplier company to unilaterally modify the general contractual conditions relating to the definition of the price is suspended “.

“The unilateral change notices already communicated before the decree (10 August 2022) are also ineffective, except for those contractual changes that have already been finalized”, specifies the center, which has sent a warning to Dolomiti Energia. In case of non-compliance of the ban, the Crtcu announces its intention to report the violation to Agcom due to unfair commercial practice and to Arera, as well as evaluating any compensation actions.

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