Dog missing since June found alive in a cave by a speleologist

Her name is Abby. Very sweet, she is a very, very lucky dog. Yes, because, had it not been for a small group of speleologists, who ended up in that cave by pure chance, it would have been the end for her. But let’s start from the beginning. We are in the woods just outside Perryville, a well-known Missouri town, south of St Louis. There, Gerry Keene slipped into a rock cavity. Passionate about caving, he has been on patrol for at least twenty minutes. It has gone down to almost one hundred and fifty meters deep and the passage is very narrow. Then, arriving in a room in the rock, suddenly, one of the boys of the group, is faced with something that leaves him speechless. A short distance from him, in fact, there is a dog. Exhausted, the poor animal is frightened. How it could have ended up there is a mystery, what is certain is that, now, it must be brought out as soon as possible. “The dog, explained Keene, was at the end of his strength. He could barely lift his head. ‘

The happy and incredulous master

«When we reached him, recalls Rick Haley who released the images we propose, we tried to understand if he was injured. Evidently, he pointed out, he had been there for a long, long time ». We had to hurry. So, since the steps to get back to the surface were too narrow, Haley and Keene decide to put the dog in a bag. At that point, assured, the rescue begins. The path that will bring her to safety is far from simple but, in the end, everyone, rescuers and dog, manage to earn safety. And now? While the dog is being fed, it occurs to someone that, perhaps, that animal belongs to someone who has lost it. Thus, house by house, a possible owner is sought who, shortly after, is found. The owner, shocked and delighted with the discovery, will explain that his Abby had been missing for a long time. Even from last June 9th. So much so that, by now, he had thought he had lost her forever. So, here are kisses and hugs and tears of joy. His Abby is back.

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