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The intense monologue in Lars von Trier’s film

A scene from Dogville starring Nicole Kidman in the role of Grace

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The narrating voice of Dogville at one point in the film he makes an intense monologue. It is a film directed in 2003 by Lars von Trierwhich together with Manderlayis part of the dilogy USA – Land of opportunities. The film tells the story of Gracea woman on the run from some gangsters who takes refuge in Dogville. After her initial mistrust, she finds refuge in exchange for small jobs. Grace seems to be happy in this village, but then she will be the victim of blackmail and violence.

To interpret Grace in Dogville is Nicole Kidmanwhile Harriet Andersson plays the role of Glory. Lauren Bacall is But Gingerinstead Paul Bettany is Tom Edison Jr. Among other actors Jean-Marc Barr, Blair Brown, James Caan And Ben Gazzara. In the next lines I will write the monologue of the Dogville narrator.

The interesting monologue of Dogville’s narrator

Here is the monologue of the narrator of Dogville.

Grace had thought about it for a long time. She knew that if her gangsters hadn’t shot her when she arrived, she would have to consider her father’s suggestion to come back and get involved with him and her gang of criminals. And she didn’t need a walk to decide her answer even though the difference between the people she knew at home and the people she had met in Dogville had proved more subtle than she had expected.

Grace turned her gaze to the frightened faces at the windows that followed her every step and was partly ashamed of having inflicted that fear. She, like her, could hate them for what their weakness was after all. She probably would have done things like what she had gone through if she had lived in one of these houses. In all honesty, wouldn’t she be acting like Ciak and Eva and Ben and Mrs. Hanson and Tom and all those people in their homes?

The monologue of Dogville’s narrator continues like this ..

Grace stopped and as the clouds dissipated and the moonlight passed. It was as if the light that had been so mild and dim at the end refused to mask the town again. Now the light revealed every irregularity and defect of the buildings and… of the people. If she had behaved like them she could not have defended a single one of her of her actions and she could not have condemned them harshly enough.

It was as if his grief and pain had finally found the right place. No! What they had done was not good enough and if anyone had the power to put things right, it was their duty to do it for the sake of other cities, for the sake of humanity and not least for the sake of the human being that he was. Grace herself.

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