Dolz, Cuenca – will continue to “promote sport” as “a tourist and economic engine” of Spain

Mayor and PSOE candidate for re-election, Dario Dolz this Sunday highlighted all the national and international sporting events that have been held in the city of Cuenca, promoted by the Cuenca City Council, the Community Board and provincial council in association with

The last one is the Spanish Bouldering and Speed ​​Climbing Cup, which is being held this weekend “with great success”, but the Women’s Cycling Tour, the Women’s Universiade Tour, the preparation of the Spanish handball team, Spain’s various championships in athletics, basketball , in swimming or squash.

“This is the line in which we want to continue working: to attract large sporting events to Cuenca that contribute to the tourist promotion of our city and generate activity: sports as a tourist and economic engine, Said Dolz, who this Sunday attended the awards ceremony for the Spanish Climbing Cup in Bosque de Acero, transformed into a large climbing wall; and at the start and awards ceremony of the 34th Hos del Huécar race.

“Of course we also support the sporting events that are held in our city, thanks to the good work done by our local clubs, and this attracts increasingly more people, such as the Hoz del Hucer, which is fully has been a success, with more than 600 runners signing up for the event.

tourism strategy

A tourist promotion of the city, according to the mayor, “requires a professional and long-term strategy that we propose hand in hand with the sector and also take advantage of the fact that in Cuenca we have a tourism degree from the University.”

Dolz has also promised to work to “make the most of the great achievement of being appointed the Spanish Capital of Gastronomy 2023” and to “expand its effects beyond 2023”.

Likewise, it has advocated the promotion of “other types of tourism that contribute to reducing demand, such as congress tourism, family tourism, senior tourism or accessible tourism,” as reported by PSOE in a press release.

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