Dominic West and Lily James were having an affair. In the new series, the actor plays her father. Audience: Awkward!

BBC viewers waited a long time for the new miniseries “The Pursuit Of Love”, but the very first scenes caused them extreme emotions. As it turns out, Dominic West plays the role of Matthew Radlett, the father of Linda, played by Lily James. A few months ago, the couple caused quite a scandal when they were caught having an affair. Viewers now decided that it was “awkward” to watch them together on screen.

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Dominic West and Lily James were having an affair. In the new series, the actor plays her father

In October last year, the media circulated photos of Dominic West and Lily James caught during a romantic trip to Rome. Paparazzi immortalized, among others their tender kisses during dinner, walks and the famous electric scooter ride. The couple’s affair caused quite a scandal as Dominic West had been married for 10 years to Catherine FitzGerald, an Irish landscape designer.

The new BBC miniseries “The Pursuit Of Love” premiered last weekend. It is a three-part adaptation of the novel by Nancy Mitford, which tells the story of two cousins ​​who lived in Oxfordshire in the 1920s. In the production, Lily James stars as Linda – a wild-hearted aristocrat who seeks love at all costs, while her cousin Fanny (Emily Beecham) has a more conservative view.

After the premiere series the network was boiling. It turned out that Dominic West, who had a romantic relationship with Lily James a few months ago, plays her father in the production.

Well, it’s a bit awkward to watch “The Pursuit Of Love” where Dominic West plays Lily James’s dad when they were “close” during the filming! #ThePursuitOfLove

Do we all watch “The Pursuit Of Love” to see the tension between Lily James and West? – we read on Twitter.

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In the series, Dominic and Lily play several scenes together. Are you curious how they fell out?

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