“Don’t ask why the bread has become more expensive.” The bakery received 887 percent. gas tariff increases

“New gas tariff. An increase of 887 percent for us.” – we read in the post published by Piekarnia Kuźmiuk. It is the oldest bakery in Lublin, operating since 1944. “Please do not ask us soon why the bread became more expensive. What next? We think” – added.

Gas price increases. The family bakery complains about the increase in tariffs

“We have never used intermediaries. The price of 0.79 was offered to us by our long-time supplier PGNiG. (…) it is a margin of almost 100%. to the price it is currently paying on stock exchanges. Gracious PGNIG … “- we read further in response to one of the comments of Internet users.


For some reason, “domestic” gas prices are regulated by the Energy Regulatory Office (URE), while gas prices for companies are not. They are also discretionary. PGNiG may “allocate” a price to any entrepreneur, especially small ones, who are not supported by the strength of the corporation. Within a certain range – wrote Piekarnia Kuźmiuk in another answer.

Kuźmiuk Bakery: this cannot be continued

The editorial office of money.pl contacted Piekarnia Kuźmiuk. The company has not yet received a bill, but has been notified of an update to the gas rates.

– We have information from a VIP customer manager that the rate per unit of gas for us has increased from PLN 0.08 to PLN 0.79. Out of anxiety, we contacted our guardian on Tuesday, because the last days of waiting for the sentence were hard for us. Since PGNiG may freely, probably within a certain range, set prices to recipients other than households, we hope that we will manage to negotiate anything else, although it may be naive – tells us Katarzyna Goławska, co-owner of the Kuźmiuk Bakery.


If nothing changes, to I cannot say anything except that it is impossible to continue like this. And it is a pity that despite the fact that my grandfather and father survived the terrible 1940s, Stalinism, dad ran the company for 50 years and did not give in to the People’s Republic of Poland, additions, rationing etc., we will not survive “a good change,” adds Goławska.

In her opinion, the chances that the new tariff will be reduced are slim. – I do not think that the government and PGNiG will withdraw from this. A gas seller can negotiate rates, so we do not know how much others will pay for gas from now on, we only know our rate. Traditional bread that is not toasted but baked consumes huge amounts of energy. The only way that customers can help is to buy everyday bread in such small local bakeries – argues the entrepreneur.


He adds that rising gas prices are not the only burdens that have been faced by entrepreneurs.

Please also remember that we work with professionals. They do not knead the bread by machine, but by hand, they prepare the dough themselves, roll the bread and make the rolls. These are unique skills and there are no such employees on the market. The changes resulting from the Polish Order are hitting them and honestly working entrepreneurs – adds Katarzyna Goławska.

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“Pay for electricity and gas or fire workers”

Readers of money.pl also point to the problem of rising gas prices for entrepreneurs in the comments under the articles.

What about companies whose electricity and gas costs jumped by 500 percent overnight. or 1000 percent (for private persons it is less, because 24 percent and 54 percent)? After all, the increase from 2-3 thousand. PLN monthly up to 20 thousand. PLN is a suicide for companies. I have a choice: pay for electricity and gas or lay off a few employees – wrote Internet user Tomasz.


Government spokesman: Gazprom and EU policy are to blame for gas price increases

The Polish government clearly indicates the culprit of rising gas prices, which affects not only Polish consumers. Piotr Müller stated that these are: gas blackmail on the part of Russia, related to the upcoming launch of the Nord Stream2 gas pipeline, and also ineffective and poorly thought out EU policy, “specifically the market for price manipulation of carbon dioxide emission allowances”.

We asked the PGNiG press office for comment. We will add to the text when we get a reply


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