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Given that each of us experiences aging as we see fit, It’s a relief that some of Hollywood’s high-profile stars go against the grain and the pressure to stay forever young respond in their own way, saying they are personally against the retouching. Especially if repeated and obsessive.

Jamie Lee Curtis regrets Botox

See the case of Jamie Lee Curtis. The 63-year-old actress is a Botox regretter and is keen to let her opinion known: interviewed on the talk show Today, she shared the advice she gave to her two daughters Annie, 35, and Ruby, 26. “Don’t mess with your face. I speak from experience. I tried the anti-aging procedures. They didn’t work. And all I see are people obsessing over these treatments,” commented Jamie Lee Curtis. Which some time before had declared a Fast Company: “Once you mess with your face there’s no going back.”

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Julia Roberts who wants to keep her smile lines

Another Hollywood actress swimming against the tide: Julia Roberts. The 54-year-old star recently visited a dermatologist for a consult and was told she might want to erase those smile lines, i.e. those signs that form over time on the sides of the mouth. The woman who has made her trademark smile politely declined the offer. Julia Roberts herself told the magazine Marie-Claire Australia. «The doctor looked at the outline of my face and said, “Oh,” stopping right in front of my mouth. Then he asked me: “Do you want me to fill up?”. And I: “What do you mean? Fill what?”». The doctor then directed Julia Roberts to places where she could have an injection of fillers to make her wrinkles disappear. Julia Roberts’ answer: «Do you know how many beautiful stories there are behind that smile? How many laughs? How many wonderful dinners and meetings?”. In short, no fillers.

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