Dr. Luke wins victory in defamation against Kesha


When singer Kesha in an SMS to Lady Gaga claimed that her producer Dr. Luke’s colleague Katy Perry has raped, she was guilty of defamation. A judge in New York Thursday came to that verdict.

Kesha and Dr. Luke have been fighting a legal battle for years. The singer states that she was psychologically and sexually abused by the producer, who is actually called Lukasz Gottwald and therefore could no longer work for him. Dr. Luke has always denied and claims that Kesha has accused him of misconduct to get out of her contract.

At the beginning of 2016, Kesha sent a message to Lady Gaga, claiming that the producer had raped not only her but also Katy Perry. Gaga then became negative about Dr. Luke out in the press. The judge ruled that the message was defamation because there is no evidence for it and Perry himself denied having ever been a victim of abuse by Dr. Luke.

Thick skin

The judge also rejected the argument of Kesha’s lawyers that Dr. Luke is a public figure and therefore must have thick skin. She stated that although the producer works in a business that is in the spotlight, he himself has never sought publicity.

Kesha’s lawyers said to Variety on Thursday that they would appeal the ruling.



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