Dragon Ball Super

Imitating the style and charisma of Akira Toriyama is not a simple undertaking: here are some considerations from the designer of Dragon Ball Super, the Toyotaro mangaka.

These days the artist and manga Toyotaro has returned to talk about his work on Dragon Ball Super, the new manga series of the franchise based on the work of Akira Toriyama, and known throughout the world. Toyotaro has stated that there have been and there are some difficulties in imitating Toriyama.

Toyotaro, of course, referred to Akira Toriyama’s style and design techniques, based on the author’s production in Dragon Ball and Dragon Ball Z. In Dragon Ball Super Toyotaro carefully studied Toriyama’s style, trying to imitate him without losing for this his trait.

The main difficulty was to make the characters immediately recognizable. “You can immediately recognize, at first sight, a character of Toriyama: the eyes, the expression, the hair … what he cares for perfectly is the sharpness, he makes sure that what is important stands out in his drawing. His characters, for example, stand out clearly in the background, so I try to take the same care, in realizing the details “. Imitating Toriyama, therefore, required extreme attention.

The audience of the Dragon Ball Super manga has long been divided in appreciation towards Toyotaro: the writer believes that his style is not bad at all, and also extremely faithful to that of Akira Toriyama. And what do you think? Always assuming that the Dragon Ball Super series in itself has convinced you.

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