Drake gets a tattoo on his face in honor of his mother

Drake’s new face tattoo is extremely subtle.

Drake is one of the most famous and recognized artists in the world and for the most part has managed to maintain a specific look. It’s very rare for him to do anything to his face to change his appearance, but now, it seems that philosophy has changed. There are a lot of rappers with face tattoos out there, and Drizzy was never one of them. This week, however, that changed forever.

In the video below, courtesy of tattoo artist NAL, you can see Drake getting a tattoo on the cheek, under the eye. The rapper already has many tattoos, however, he has never gotten one on his face. It might be a painful placement for beginners, but when you consider the message behind it, we’re sure Drizzy was happy to put up with the pain.

Drake cover
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In the most recent Instagram post by Drake, you can see that he has the initials “SG” tattooed on his cheek. The rapper revealed that it simply means Sandra Gale, which is his mother’s name. This isn’t the first time Drizzy has honored his parents with a tattoo. He has a portrait of his father Dennis on his arm, although that tattoo is almost 10 years old at this point.

Getting a face tattoo is certainly a bold move as it will now change your appearance forever. Regardless, art has a lot of meaning for Drake, which certainly overcomes any social taboos. This week, the rapper’s father got a tattoo of the artist’s face on his forearm, however, neither he nor the tattoo artist expected the rapper to make a joke of the result.

Check out the Instagram posts below:

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