Drake Tells A Lot About Himself In Great Verse In Jack Harlow’s “Churchill Downs”

Drake presented many details of his life in the highlight verse

Whenever Drake need to get something off his chest, he puts it in his music. This is clear throughout his new verse on “Come Home The Kids Miss You” by Jack Harlow, highlighting “Churchill Downs,” which he fills with updates about his life and subliminal messages to colleagues. There are a few caption-worthy words sprinkled throughout the verse, but Drizzy also goes into more detail, revealing that he’s been in therapy for persistent abandonment issues that may have arisen from his parents’ divorce.

He then sings about how his “desires for revenge are uncontrollable” and that he’s tired of listening to “in-the-middle conversations” rather than talking directly to people with problems. Some of these lines seem like subliminal messages to your rival Pusha-Twho responded to the leak saying it’s not “blunt” enough for him, appears to be old-fashioned and reminding everyone that he’s “here to end this whole fight”.

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The line “Churchill Downs” by Drake is one of the few new lines of his that sound ominous, which is crazy considering he recorded it while on vacation with Jack Harlow in Turks & Caicos. It seems like he drops lines like these just to remind his critics that he can still rap in high quality. Of course, it’s ironic that he makes revelations like these on feat rather than his own music, but it looks like the track was his and was given away for Harlow to use.

He’s Dealing With Abandonment Issues (And He’s Seeking Therapy For It)

Lyrics: “Cold hearts and warm floors / No parental guidance, I just see divorce / Therapy sessions, I’m in the waiting room reading Forbes / Abandonment issues I’m dealing with.”

right away, Drake gives us information about your current moment. He’s been transparent about his tumultuous childhood before (most notably on songs like “Look What You’ve Done”). Here, he suggests that his parents’ divorce is still affecting him, to the point that he is being treated for abandonment issues in therapy.

Then he follows the verses revealing that he is still struggling with the concept of forgiveness, something he is trying to teach his son. There is also a metaphor, while Drake sings about reading Forbes in her therapist’s waiting room, reflecting her obsession with success that often takes priority over her own mental health. He gave us details of this in the CLB intro (“career is going great, but now the rest of me is slowly fading”), but he takes it a step further here.

He still has “vengeance cravings” and feels his music is no longer having public identification.

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Lyrics: “My revenge desires are uncontrollable, but I know we’re getting old / But I’ve got to give an answer for this, it’s not negotiable / It’s not even debatable / I’m getting so rich, my music is no longer relatable”

In recent interviews, Pusha-T said he has no interest in reconciling things with Drake and that she has overcome the situation now that she has a child. He also avoided any diss for the rapper on his new album “It’s Almost Dry”. Drizzy, understandably, might not feel the same way. According to this verse, it appears that he wants revenge, although he also recognizes that these impulses are childish.

The line that draws the most attention, however, is found at the end of this passage. One of the criticisms of “Certified Lover Boy” was that Drake seemed distant from the real world. “I’m getting so rich, my music isn’t even relatable anymore” doesn’t sound like pride in this context. Drizzy already prided himself on being a wealthy rapper with the common man’s emotional issues, and it seems the criticism hurt him.

He’s still thinking about Pusha-T

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Lyrics: “Praying for my downfall doesn’t make you religious, man/ All I hear is small talk coming from middlemen/ All I hear is tales coming from little men”

“Praying for my downfall doesn’t make you religious, man” will no doubt be all over the timeline as long as the rivalry continues. Then, Drake once again criticizes Push when he raps about “small talk coming from middlemen”. This narrative was his weapon of choice during the height of their rivalry.

Nonetheless, Pusha-T told The Breakfast Club that he heard this verse when it leaked and didn’t care about that line because it sounded old. “Like, the flows look old,” he explained in the interview. “And then it’s like, even what’s considered, like, the attacks… It’s like, bro, after what I did… Like the ‘middleman’ talk and all that kind of talk. That’s not blunt for me. I’m here to end all this fighting.”

He also still has some subliminal attacks for Kanye.

Lyrics: “Lucky me, people who don’t close with me / Are dating people who don’t close with me to close with me / This shit is getting ugly”

On the surface, this sounds like another crazy verse from a man who worried about his cleaning crew plotting his own demise. But if you look closely, you may be alluding to the recent “reconciliation” of Drake with the former enemy Kanye Westa man who is very close friends with people who don’t necessarily “fuck him”.

When J Prince forced the two rap giants to end their rivalry, many wondered if that meant Drake and Pusha-T were also over. Based on Push’s album release, that’s clearly not the case, which makes the rest of the words in this verse all the more interesting.

In the next three lines, Drake sings: “And every situation is transactional/ And everything they say is irrational/ And every way they move is promotional.” Drizzy’s inclusion in the benefit concert for Larry Hoover Benefit it was probably designed to attract a larger crowd with its name on the lineup. These could be the “promotional” moves the rapper is referring to.

Drake is still not satisfied

In “Churchill Downs”, Drake is reminding us that he can still rap in high quality. He’s dropped a handful of cameos since “Certified Lover Boy” came out, but none of them had the substance this verse has. Drizzy is at an interesting crossroads in his career right now. He’s been at the top of the game for basically a decade, and there were moments on CLB that hinted that he could put out a bunch of songs mixed with playlist-friendly melodies.

To truly stay on top, however, he would need to tap into the motivation that helped him reach his peak in the first place. There were criticisms that CLB lacked the words and substance that people were looking for in a Drakewhich may have fueled this motivation.

At this point in his career, with so many records broken and milestones reached, Drizzy really doesn’t need to prove anything to anyone. But he seems motivated, which is why he was so tough on that verse.

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