Drama in kindergarten | Tommaso’s father

Drama in kindergarten, Tommaso’s father: “Let’s not bear a grudge” (Friday 20 May 2022)
The owner of the car involved in the accident is being investigated for road murder. Checks on the handbrakeRead on the newspaper


twitterCarloVerdelli : Abortion is a drama, to which another is added. Getting the abortion in Italy is increasingly c … – MatteoMascia : @AndreaPira The workers are no longer used to the analysis of the strike. A great little drama. – Franciscktrue : RT @Garolfo: As long as journalism drives objects crazy, as long as local rulers and administrators do not face s … – tina_martel : RT @Marco_dreams: @ROBYBOX Think of the drama of Massimo Casanova, Northern League deputy (elected in Calabria), who pays the rent for the … – RaffaeleSabbat 4 : #HelpUkraine: the portal with all the information for refugees from Ukraine. Today the portal was presented with … –

Gabriele Muccino: 5 of his films to watch in streaming

… Fathers and daughters (2015) “Disney + Russel Crowe and Amanda Seyfried are the protagonists of this drama … Jane Fonda and Olivia Spencer) and the candidate annex‘Oscar Amanda Seyfried. 4. At home all well (2018) …

Dead child in L’Aquila, the story of the father: ‘I heard a bang coming from the kindergarten, I was among the first to arrive’

Shops closed for two hours, activities canceled, the silent but constant procession ahead annexkindergarten … his family lives a few meters from the kindergarten and for this reason the scope of the drama it was …

  1. Drama in kindergarten: the car crashes, overwhelmed the children playing ilGiornale.it
  2. Drama in L’Aquila, the child run over in the kindergarten courtyard died ConfineLive
  3. Tommaso died in kindergarten, the woman in the car: «Destroyed and saddened». The agony of the 12-year-old son leggo.it
  4. Tommaso’s father, overwhelmed by the car at the kindergarten in L’Aquila: “A tragedy, we don’t hold a grudge” The print
  5. Dead child in L’Aquila, the story of his father: “I heard a bang coming from the kindergarten, I was among the first to arrive” ilmessaggero.it

Kindergarten Accident, Invisible Wounds: How to Process Trauma with Children

The school, a safe and welcoming place, four comfortable walls that suddenly become the theater of drama. An accident that contains a huge drama, to be worked out and dealt with for those who remain, …

“A real drama”, Alberto Matano rehearsed live on TV: what happened

During the last episode of ‘La Vita in Diretta’ Alberto Matano revealed a drama on live television: let’s find out what happened.

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