Drastic gas increases. Tusk’s shield is also intended to protect entrepreneurs

– High energy prices will drive inflation and soaring. PiS’s proposals are insufficient – they freeze (for consumers only) the already increased gas prices. In order to counteract the high prices, Koalicja Obywatelska has submitted a comprehensive bill that also helps entrepreneurs, the head of the KO club Borys Budka informed on Tuesday evening on Twitter.

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On the same day in the evening there was a meeting of the KO club. During its lifetime, PO spokesman Jan Grabiec informed that Kub had submitted a draft act on gas prices, thus confirming the information provided by Budka. Grabiec also stated that the project is “more comprehensive than the government project” and introduces solutions “to reduce gas prices for companies”.


Budka posted on the internet a document confirming the submission of the bill by the KO club. The members of the club asked the Marshal of the Sejm, Elżbieta Witek, to urgently assign a print number to the submitted bill.

The KO deputies also requested that the plan of the next Sejm meeting be supplemented with an item covering the first reading of the bill. The document shows that the applicants will be represented by the treasurer of the KO club, Krzysztof Gadowski.

Drastic increases

Even before the end of last year, the media began to inform about gas price increases for some recipients they can even reach several hundred percent. This mainly applies to business entities, local governments, but also some housing communities and cooperatives that have their own gas boiler houses (collective boiler rooms).


Therefore, the head of the PO Donald Tusk recalled on Tuesday at a press conference that before the New Year he asked Prime Minister Mateusz Morawiecki to take steps to protect the inhabitants who had been affected by the drastic increases in gas prices. He also assured that the KO club would submit a bill that would protect hospitals, nursing homes, and cultural institutions (theaters, libraries) against a radical increase in gas prices. He argued that this increase may prove lethal for such entities.

– We will also propose to protect those for whom the increase in gas prices is also a de facto death sentence – I am talking about these small entrepreneurs – about those who run bakeries, pizzerias, shops, and where the increase in gas prices means a complete impossibility to continue this small business, often a family business – stressed Tusk.


Bill increases

In December, the Energy Regulatory Office announced that as a result of the increase in gas tariffs of the largest seller, PGNiG, approved by the President of the Energy Regulatory Office, the monthly bills of households using gas to prepare meals will increase by approx. PLN 9 net per month. The Office also announced that from January 1, 2022, the total average increase in the electricity bill of an average household will amount to approx. 24%, which means an increase of approx. PLN 21 net per month.

On January 3, KO submitted a bill to the Sejm, which changes the definition of an individual recipient as far as the Energy Law is concerned. As PO spokesman Jan Grabiec said at the time, the change introduces the principle that regardless of whether someone lives in a single-family house, in a block of flats, has a direct contract with the gas plant, or is represented by a cooperative or housing association, each apartment will have the same the tariff itself, protected by the ERO.




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