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Developing a game is not a simple thing, but it’s a company that you have been looking for ways to facilitate this process, it’s a Media Molecule has created. Since the launch of the Latest in this studio the uk has shown that it can provide a tool for the creation of video games, but when they announced the At themust confess that initially I thought that the proposal was ambitious, too.

At the

It can be described as a mixture of game, social network, and in particular, a platform for the creation, talk about the project from Media Molecule is taking the risk of not being able to do justice to his genius. This is a tool that will allow you to create a music video, animated stories, interactive games, and other types of audio-visual experience. It is At thebut still, it’s a lot more to it than that.

At the start of the game, we will be presented with a short introduction in which we will learn the basic commands, and we will be able to choose from three types of controls: a traditional one that uses the motion sensor in the DualShock or the PlayStation Move.

In the first place will inevitably feel uncomfortable, not knowing very well where to go, and that’s where we’ll be in touch with all of the magic from the developer. It is staring at you in the first tutorial, it is getting to know the campaign, created by them, the creativity, and the strength of the At the go around to the side of it.

The-dream-of-the Art

But before I talk about the many lessons that we have to raise our game, it is necessary to comment on the campaign, that was released by Media Molecule. All of that is created by using the tools of the At theshe will show you the history of the Art, and is a double bassist who left the band after a surge of pride.

Lasted for about three hours, the play is a journey through music and the arts, as well as serving as a lesson in game design, since it mixes the style of the game-of-way of teaching. From an adventure point-and-click-to-play platform, going through puzzles, and even racing, with the Dream of Art, it could be just a demo, but it ends up becoming a main character, and the modes used to show what the kit is capable of.

In addition to this, what is striking is the way in which it can be at the same time it’s a fun game, and an audio-visual experience is very nice. However, this has left me a little worried, because I knew I was never going to be able to come up with something at least minimally similar to the one that the people surrendered. It is here that you go to the tutorials.

Did the 2000’s… and in 20

You think that it is enough for the start of the At the so come out to create the most amazing games, this is a mistake that a lot make, and one that unfortunately might turn away some people. With a huge amount of text, it is not an exaggeration to say that they are pretty much mandatory.

Since you put a single object in the scene to paint them and to create the action, all it will require we go through the various menus, and while there are many short-cuts, I can’t tell you what the process is really easy. Yes, it is true, that is the time to use these tools to become more user-friendly, but don’t you think that your work will be easier, much less one that doesn’t require effort.

What helps to make the whole process of learning less stressful is the way in which the Media Molecule developed for these tutorials they’re always encouraging us to be creative, to be delivered in a way that’s more fun. There are also master classes, which are the videos where the officers of the developer, they teach us techniques to the most elaborate, but it’s always really quite educational.

Having a nightmare with the controls

However, more than just to be a bit daunting, I have been with the controls, which I have suffered to try it on the At the. Why you have that allow you to perform many actions, as long as we are creating something to control the PlayStation 4 is proving to be very limited, and that a lot of times, I wanted to be using a keyboard and mouse.

Time to get used to using some of the shortcuts or the usage of the menus, if it makes it more intuitive to use, but even so, it has been common that I find it difficult to place an object exactly where you wanted it, or just end up leaving them on the wrong way out of sheer laziness and keep trying.

I don’t have a PlayStation Move, but I cannot verify if this is true, but the feeling I got was that the control of the use of the At the it should be a lot better with the “sticks” with the whole of creation is a much more natural and accurate.

On the other hand, the difficulty in control is more the case when you’re creating something, the fact that we could play with the titles developed by other people, it all depends on the way in which it has been able to implement in your game play. That is, there are games that are a delight to play with, while on the other we are not able to spend more than a couple of seconds and its mechanics have not been well implemented.

In a sea of creativity and interactivity

But if you do have a point in that At the close to perfection, in the way that it works like a social networking site. It also allows the developers to share their games, movies or the arts in a way very simple, it’s amazing how much a tool you are always encouraging the exchange of experience among the users.

You don’t feel creative enough to develop something from scratch? Oh well, enjoy the creations of others, and to give life to the ideas that are more wild. This is the concept of creating a community that is without a doubt one of the high points of the tool, and as a lot of people don’t have neither the skill nor the patience to produce anything from a blank canvas, it’s great to see that the At the not impose limitations with respect to reuse the work of others.

Another characteristic of a positive is that we are creating is that they can be evaluated by others, and while this has always been to open the space to the trolls, but in general, the user has behaved well and contributed to the fact that the ecosystem is, the more kid-friendly as possible.

But at the end of the day, many of you will spend hours and hours trying everything that has been created by other people. They are re-creations of the other titles in: celebrities, videos, beautiful (and some not so much), sculptures, virtual, worthy to make any maker jealous, as well as some of the most diverse maluquices.

This is a good thing, because it will allow you to use these ideas as inspiration, and as much as some of the creations which might lead us to think that we will never be able to come up with something on that level, remember, in the end it all comes down to a mix of creativity, patience, and dedication.

On learning and the future

So, I think it is valid to highlight how the At the it is not a game or a tool for people who can’t wait. If you are willing to learn, to make mistakes, and to engage, to dig deeper into the base moments, many of which are satisfactory, with the creation of or comments made to other players, serving as a great achievement.

For those of you who just want to have fun, and the amount and variety of the works carried out with the At the it is enough for us to play with for a long time, and although many are a maximum of the medians, there are a few of the creations out there that it can leave us open-mouthed. Something so cool that it has even led to other studios, or even at Media Molecule the opportunity to find their creator.

On the other hand, I’m thinking about how to stand on a platform that is more open would turn on the At the into something much greater than what it could be. You have a tool with a lot of freedom (and quality) on the PC, that would be great, and I don’t think an exaggeration to think that in this way, the mobile could turn out to be something as big as a Minecraft.

This also makes me believe that it would be really nice if even for the life-cycle of the PlayStation 4 is coming to the end of the At the it was adapted for the successor to Sony’s console. If this happens to you, in addition to the power to keep alive all of the creations that have been made up there, and he could still take advantage of the increased processing power of the PS5, since they, at least on the current model in the actual game, it is possible to note the large decrease in the rate of update of the frame from time to time.

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