Drew Barrymore sent an email to Jenna Ortega welcoming her into the Scream family

Drew Barrymore sent Jenna Ortega a “sweet” message welcoming her into the Scream family.

The Never Been Kissed actress played the famous role of Casey Becker, who is brutally murdered by Ghostface in the opening sequence in the original 1996 film. Each subsequent Scream film begins with an “opening kill” scene like Drew’s. and Jenna starred in the first Scream sequence of 2022, with its homage to Drew’s original opening.

In an interview with StyleCaster, the X actress revealed that the Charlie’s Angels actress sent her email welcoming her into the fold after appearing on The Drew Barrymore Show in 2021.

“We paid such an intense tribute to Drew, whether it was the pink sweater or playing with the knife in the block,” he said. “So I didn’t tell her (about the movie in detail), but she gave me a message via email that was really sweet and engaging. It is part of Scream. She is the principal. She is part of the core. I still have to talk to her face to face, but I love her. “

The 19-year-old appeared on the talk show to promote her book after she finished filming Scream but due to spoilers, she couldn’t let Drew know she was following in her footsteps.

“He asked me about Scream. I couldn’t say anything. I couldn’t do anything, but I think people took what I said from that interview and thought I was opening kill, and I got so nervous, ”she admitted. “Talking about Scream is so unnerving because it all feels like a spoiler and people are going to twist anything regardless of whether you reveal something.”

Breaking tradition, Jenna’s character Tara survives the opening kill sequence and will return in Scream 6.

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